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In anticipation of intensifying conflict with the Garlean Empire, the city-states that comprise the Eorzean Alliance are planning to unveil a series of joint military exercises. Known collectively as “Skirmish,” these training drills are rumored to involve monstrous live opponents…


In the cooperative spirit of the Eorzean Alliance, the Grand Companies of each nation are working together to devise a series of joint military exercises.

Wild creatures handpicked for their ferocity and robustness have been transported to uninhabited islands in the Cieldalaes, where they will be released in order to produce actual combat conditions. The alliance is currently planning two varieties of drills, with an eye to foster battlefield flexibility within its ranks.


Locke’s Lie

On this island, the objective is to defeat innumerable enemies in the midst of reduced battlefield visibility imposed by the rocky terrain. This drill tests a squad’s ability to quickly locate and eliminate a large number of foes within the specified time limit.

Turtleback Island

On this tiny, flat slab of rock, soldiers must survive and repel an onrush of massive opponents.
With maneuverability severely limited, this drill tests a squad’s defensive capabilities, as well as their capacity to strategically adapt to a variety of foes.

Participation and Objectives

Skirmish is designed for parties consisting of 4 to 8 Disciples of War or Magic of level 45 or higher.

All party members must be affiliated with one of the Grand Companies. It is not necessary, however, for every member of the party to belong to the same organization.

Players meeting these conditions can participate in Skirmish by speaking with Storm Captain Loetahlsyn, who is stationed on the lower decks in Limsa Lominsa.

The objective is simple: defeat all enemies within the 30-minute time limit.
While all your opponents will be powerful creatures of notorious monster strength, the rewards will be equal to the risks—claiming victory may well earn you weapons of uncommon quality.

Assemble your stout-hearted companions, and win your place among the alliance elite!

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