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I sit alone now in the editor’s office, writing this article.

The other editors finished up quickly today so that they could go see the fireworks.

I initially thought they’d be going to research the new fireworks that were being talked about, but as it turns out, they are going strictly for their own leisure—much to my chagrin.

However, one can understand their point: Fireworks cannot be truly appreciated when one is on the job. If watching those giant flowers blossom in the sky—a spectacle visible even ten malms away—brings peace to their hearts and motivates them to work harder, then I have no complaints.

I imagine they are looking up at the night sky right now, fans in hand, or perhaps they are firing off small fireworks of their own.

What we collectively call “fireworks” has many origins. There are certain types imported from the lands in the East, and others are made by goblins. There are even military fireworks used by the Royal Knights for night combat. Until recently, the people of each country had only been exposed to the fireworks available in their respective regions.

But now, whenever there is a cause for celebration, people everywhere are able to see a great variety of fireworks lighting up the sky.

Adventurers figure greatly into this recent phenomenon.

The innate curiosity that adventurers possess and their appreciation for new things have greatly increased the demand for fireworks. As a result, merchants and Moogles everywhere are scrambling to gather fireworks from all corners of the world.

Furthermore, some adventurers have even acquired the skill to make their own fireworks, and have thus helped increase the festive explosives’ availability to unprecedented levels.

When I think that nearly the entire staff of this office took time off to go see a new type of firework, I cannot ignore the impact that adventurers have made.

Around the time of our first issue, very few people knew about fireworks, and adventurers were still a small presence in Vana’diel.

Now, as we publish our 27th issue, a multitude of fireworks can be seen in every city, and adventurers have become vital to our existence.

I am sure that the fireworks will not stop anytime soon, as the world will need adventurers more than ever in the coming days.

Just as fireworks have evolved and diversified, perhaps it is time for a change at the Vana’diel Tribune as well.

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