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Ace (エース [ace] in Japanese) is one of the students of Class Zero from Final Fantasy Type-0. He uses cards in battle, and is quite a good singer1 although only remembers how to sing Zero. His nature is that of a gentle person but with a strong will to fight for his country. He's 168 cm tall, 16 years old (he turns 17 during the game), and uses the pronoun 僕 [boku] for himself in Japanese.

Ace's seiyuu is Yuuki Kaji.

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Ace was born 10th of Earth Moon (10.7) in the year 825.

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Ace has somewhat delicate features, and combined with his platinum blond hair and green eyes they make him look a bit younger than his age. He wears his Academy uniform largely unmodified, with the black jacket reaching past his hips, but with the straight white pants perhaps slightly too long, covering much of his standard black shoes. His Class 0 cape reaches down to the small of his back, and he wears it neatly draped back. He wears a card holder of brown leather, with the case on his left side.

Ace's summer uniform is rather standard as well. He wears the Academy's white short-sleeved shirt with slightly too long black pants and the standard black shoes. His Class 0 cape is replaced by one that has been dyed black at the ends that dangle down his chest. In addition, he wears long black gloves with a white stripe at the end, and the same brown card case he wears with his winter uniform.

As for his ceremonial dress, as fitting his style it is rather standard as well. He wears the same length of the crimson ceremonial jacket as his winter uniform jacket, and the same style of cape as his winter uniform, just in white. His pants resemble those of his summer uniform, and the shoes and card holder are the same as the two others uniforms.


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Ace has had several appearances in the FF-TCG series, under the element of Fire.

tcg_4002.jpg tcg_4003.jpg tcg_6002.jpg tcg_10002.jpg
4-002R Ace 4-003U Ace 6-002C Ace 10-002S Ace
tcg_10003.jpg tcg_13004.jpg tcg_14004.jpg tcg_PR021.jpg
10-003C Ace 13-004S Ace 14-004R Ace PR-021 Ace

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