Chaos (FF1)

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Chaos (カオス [chaos] in Japanese) is the true appearance of Garland. As Chaos, he has gained unimaginable power, including that of sending others through time.

His seiyuu in the Japanese version of Dissidia is Norio Wakamoto, with Keith David as the English voice actor. Not a single one of the Final Fantasy I versions has been voiced so far.

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Chaos in Dissidia is, essentially, the same Chaos as the one in Final Fantasy I. Pulled into the Dissidia world, he became the God of Discord, in opposition to Cosmos, the Goddess of Harmony. Through endlessly repeating cycles, Chaos and Cosmos recruit warriors from the other Final Fantasy worlds to fight for them. The cycle has gone on for so long that Chaos no longer remembers his identity, nor his purpose; he wages war against Cosmos only for what they represent. Though he will not admit it, he wishes the war would be over.

The only character in Dissidia who seems to have any idea who Chaos actually is, in fact, Garland. Despite being from a time chronologically earlier than Chaos, Garland knows that he will, one day, become Chaos.


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Chaos has made several appearances in the FF-TCG series, under the element of Dark.

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1-158E Chaos 7-124R Chaos 10-126S Chaos
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13-208R Chaos 13-209C Chaos

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