F'lhaminn Qesh

F'lhaminn Qesh (フ・ラミン [f'lhaminn] in Japanese) is a Miqo'te and the heir to Sunsilk Tapestries of Ul'dah in Final Fantasy XIV. She appears devoted to a cause once she sets on it, and bears deep responsibility for her actions. In addition to being the heir to the weavers' guild, she is a famous dancer, known as the Songstress of Ul'dah (ウル・ダハの歌姫 [ul'dah no utahime] or 'songstress of Ul'dah' in Japanese). In addition to public performances in festivals and such, she goes dancing at the stage of the miners' guild Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern.

She has a voice actor (only in English), but her identity is unknown.



In the Past

Not much is known about the very early years of F'lhaminn's life, and when we first met her some 10-20 years ago from the start of the game she was already grown, her appearance hasn't changed since. She kept in close contact with other future rulers of Ul'dah, namely Niellefresne, Seserukka, Popokkuli and Greinfarr at the very least. It is unknown how far back it dates, but she had (a possibly unrequited) love for Niellefresne.

Right before a festival of some kind, F'lhaminn, Niellefresne and the others came up with a plan to endear the group more to the people of Ul'dah. They set it up so that something was to happen to ruin the parade of the festival. It is unknown what their original plan was to be exact, but what happened is that the old elezen Corguevais in control of a beast-on-display goobbue lost control of it and it ran wild. Greinfarr, Seserukka and Popokkuli weren't in place to see it, and so it rested on Niellefresne and a passerby called Thancred Waters to take down the beast. However, it ran wild and killed a hyur called Warburton, newly arrived to the city, orphaning his daughter Ascilia.

F'lhaminn felt incredibly guilty over this occurrence, and while she didn't reveal to Ascilia who was behind the disturbance at the parade she took the girl under her wing, and paid for a funeral for Warburton. Over time Ascilia grew enamored with F'lhaminn, and everything seemed to be doing well.

To be continued

Present Time

Nothing much has changed in F'lhaminn's life after all these years. She still occasionally has dancing performances, she still worries over and helps the less well-off citizens of Ul'dah and she still mourns Niellefresne. She has refused to look at anyone else ever since his death.

To be continued


F'lhaminn is a miqo'te of silvery-white hair, ears and tail and dark brown eyes. Her complexion is very fair. She wears a pink cotton shirt with reddish-brown shoulder guards and wristlets of the same leather on her wrists, as well as white lacy hotpants.
On her feet she wears thigh-high boots of reddish-brown leather in the present day. In the past, the boots she wore were white. However, it bears noting that in the past during Warburton's funeral she wore the red boots. It could be possible that for her the red boots are a sign of mourning.


"The singing of the loom, the dancing of warp and weft - we weavers put on as elegant and extravagant a show as any."
-the official site

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