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Prince Gordon (ゴードン王子 (gordon ouji) or 'prince Gordon' in Japanese) hails from the country of Kashuan. He has one older brother, Prince Scott. During the game he lives in exile in Fynn because his country was conquered by Palamecia.
Before the start of the game, Gordon is somewhat of a coward. He claimed himself weak and unable to fight, and was ashamed of this. He didn't feel himself worthy of being a prince like his elder brother, who lead the resistance with Princess Hilda at the start of FF2.

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The Early Years

Nothing is known about Prince Gordon's life in Kashuan before Palamecia's invasion. Afterwards, he and Prince Scott fled to Fynn to safety, and Scott arranged a resistance force with the royal family of Fynn to fight against the ever-widening Empire. Meanwhile, Gordon himself was too busy feeling sorry for himself to do anything about anything.

Final Fantasy II


When the Empire attacks Fynn, Gordon is forced to move to Altair with the rest of the resistance. He spends his days loitering about the town and admiring his brother from afar. This all changes when he hears news about his brother's death from Firion, Maria and Guy.

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Gordon has had one appearance in the FF-TCG series, under the Earth element.

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