Hidden Sunset

Hidden Sunset is a Roegadyn Lieutenant of the Maelstrom in Final Fantasy XIV, and belonged to the unit of Storm Commander R'ashaht Rhiki. He appeared earlier in the story, but towards the end of 1.x he could be found in Jagged Crest Cave.


Grand Company quests
United We Stand (talk)

Grand Company sidequests
Alive (instance)


(talk as a member of Maelstrom)
Storm Lieutenant Hidden Sunset: Countless caravans reported having spotted enormous ships in the night sky over Mor Dhona, with the first such sighting said to have taken place half a moon ago.
As all well know, none but the Empire possesses airships that could be described as enormous. Upon learning of these sightings, we immediately dispatched a small contingent to Camp Revenant's Toll to tighten our surveillance over the skies.
Alas, a combination of cloud, rain, and gloom conspired to thwart our efforts. The airships were observing blackout, you see, and we weren't able to detect a single vessel until it was too late.

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