King Doug

King Doug (ダウ王 [dau-ou] in Japanese1), in the game known as simply King Sasune (サスーン王 [sasune-ou]), is the ruler of the kingdom of Sasune in Final Fantasy III, and the father of Sara Altney. Note that if the second part of the princess' name is a surname and in this world daughters take on the surname of their fathers, his full name might be Doug Altney.
It is unknown what his exact relation to the Warrior of Light Ingus is, although the two appear familiar with each other. However, it is likely that Ingus has caught his attention due to his achievements while growing up in the castle.

His first appearance in the game is when Djinn's curse turns everyone in Kazus and Castle Sasune into ghosts. When the Warriors of Light ask for audience through Ingus, he agrees to meet them, and tells them that the Mythril Ring they're after is with his daughter Princess Sara, and that she disappeared from the castle shortly before Djinn's appearance. He gives them the Canoe to help them reach Djinn's hiding place, and begs them to find Sara and help the kingdom.

After Djinn's curse is broken, he sends Ingus out to the world with the rest of the Warriors of Light.

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