Myrganmoen Roehmannsyn

Myrganmoen Roehmannsyn is a Captain of the Maelstrom in Final Fantasy XIV, and belongs to the unit of Storm Commander R'ashaht Rhiki. He appeared earlier in the story, but towards the end of version 1.x he could be found in Jagged Crest Cave.


Grand Company quests
United We Stand (talk)

Grand Company sidequests
Alive (instance)


(talk as a member of Maelstrom)
Storm Captain Roehmannsyn: The Garleans call their new stronghold 'Castrum Novum'. One of our scouts overheard an imperial patrol talking about the place. Got too close, as it happens.
Though he made it back, he died of his wounds soon afterwards, poor sod… Even as we speak, dozens of ours are risking their lives to uncover the stronghold's secrets.
Yet here I am in the safety of camp with my thumb up my arse. That's the curse of being in command, but gods, all this waiting's like to drive me from my wits!

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