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Palom (パロム [palom] is a genius Black Mage from Mysidia in Final Fantasy IV. His older twin-sister is called Porom, but any other details of his family is unknown. Palom as a child is mischievous and not interested in studying, the latter of which persists later on in his life. He's left-handed. His height is 92 cm and he weighs 22 kg as a child during FF4. His stats for The After Years are unknown.

While the original FF4 didn't have voice acting, that was added for the DS version of the game. In it, Palom was voiced by Rie Kugimiya in Japanese and Megan Harvey in English.

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Early Years


While Palom is only 5 years old when first met, he has already been known as a genius mage for some time at that point, and has shown prodigal understanding of the magic arts since very early on, just like his sister. The two of them learned spells by themselves at first, a feat said to be impossible in the present day1, before they were set to study under the Elder of Mysidia to give them a chance to be as much as they could be.

Final Fantasy IV

You first encounter Palom during the game when Cecil Harvey meets the Elder of Mysidia. He is sent on a quest to become a Paladin at Mt Ordeals, and Palom and Porom are sent to keep an eye on him. Of course, Cecil doesn't know this and is let presume that they are there merely to help him in battles.

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The After Years

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Palom has appeared several times in the FF-TCG, under the element of Fire.

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