Rowena is a merchant living in Ul'dah in Final Fantasy XIV. She deals in the exchange of ancient and rare items. She can be found on the outer circle of Ul'dah's merchant strip, close by the Platinum Mirage.

Rowena is also the only NPC in the game who changes outfits. It's unknown what causes the change, but 3 are confirmed (one not pictured on this page).


A Relic Reborn


Rowena: I've few words for the likes o' you…that is, unless you be carryin' runestones on your person.

(Well, what is it you want?)
(Show me what I can get in exchange for oblations)
(Show me what I can get in exchange for runestones)

(Tell me about yourself)
Rowena: The name's Rowena. Perhaps you've heard o' me…perhaps you've not. Matters little, I suppose. I used to be travelin' weapons merchant, 'til some noble from Ishgard saw my collection.
Said I had me an eye for quality, and asked if I'd like to work for him, helpin' to barter his collection away for Allagan runestones. And here I am.
(Tell me about primal oblations)
Rowena: Hah. I had to ask myself, as well. My employer has a way of callin' even the simplest of things by the most mind-bogglin' names you've ever heard. In short, primal oblations are trinkets offered by the beast tribes to their gods.
While to most, they appear to be naught more than poorly crafted gewgags of little to no value, there are those who believe the magicks contained in these offerings can be harnessed and used in a myriad of different manners. Luckily for you, my employer i one of the latter, and is more'n willin' to offer up items in his vast collection in exchange for any oblations you happen to come across in your travels. And don't worry. I won't ask how you got 'em.
(Tell me about runestones)
Rowena: Some thousands of years gone, there was this mighty empire that spanned across the realm - the Allagan Empire, it was called.
And, for some reason or the other, they saw fit to carve 'em up a horde o' tiny, round stones with symbols representin' the Twelve.
Now, why a well-endowed noble would part with his collection of relics in exchange for a few hoary pebbles, I cannot begin to fathom. But then again, I ain't one to question my employer's motives, as long as I'm paid the coin I'm due.

(Heard any rumors lately?)1
(Just who or what would you like to know about, hm?
(The revival of the old ways)
Rowena: Seems as of late, there's been much talk of revisitin' the ways of the past…and not just by them addled collectors what come to me for my services. I, for one, welcome the chatter if it means a heavy purse.
It started with the revival of the Grand Companies, it did.
that got people's heads all filled with flowery visions of a time when the streets were lined with gold, honeyed wine flowed from fountains, and noble kings ruled justly over the land.
But it has been the talk of ancient arts of war and magic, magicked artifacts, and lost lore that's piqued my interest.
Now, if someone was able to find these relics…and have them properly restored…think of the possibilities! Heh heh heh…
(A forger of arms and armor named Gerolt)
Rowena: Aye, there's a bloke by that name. Makes his livin' in weapons and armor and whatnot.
They say his skill is the finest in all the realm. Might be as it's gone to his head, though. Folks don't take to the man, if you get my meanin'. Oh, and he likes a drink, and all.
Bloody Byregot himself in the forge, though. As a young lad, he was cast out on his ear by his master for the crime o' craftin' finer wares - and that while piss-drunk. Ever since, he's roamed here and there, earnin' his keep day to day.
Aye, I've known Gerolt ever since I landed in this business. Ain't seen him for a while, though. last time I saw him, the ol' fool had tears in his eyes and snot drippin' from his nose. Fallen on hard times, he said. Asked for a bit o' coin to tide him over. Never paid me back, n either.
Couldn't say for sure where he is now. Seem to remember hearin' he was in the Black Shroud, puttin' up at Hawthorne Hut or some such place.
You might do well to commission his work. He'll even reforge the relics of old if you make it worth his while, and there ain't no other in Eorzea as can do that.
If it's relics you care to know about, I've a promissory note what might catch your fancy. It don't look like much, but it'll get ol' Gerolt to fire up his forge. That much I promise.
I'm loath to part with it…but s'pose I could bring myself to do so if you gave me somethin' to cover Gerolt's debt…
Saaay….three types of primal seals? Aye, the ones them beastmen leaders carry. Three of each of 'em, while you're at it. And throw in a copy of On the Properties of Beastmen for good measure. Bring me that little lot, and the note's yours.
Not a bad deal, if I say so myself.
(Primal seals)
Rowena: The highest rankin' amongst the beastmen carry all manners of wards and whatnot bearin' the seals o' the primals they serve.
Seals come in all forms, dependin' on what beast tribe you're dealin' with. Fetch a pretty price, too, in some circles. Don't ask me why, but rich folk've taken to collectin' the bloody things. Primal seals, they call them.
And that's why I'm lookin' to get my hands on three of each - the inferno seals from the Amalj'aa, the vortex seals from the Ixal, and the tremor seals from the kobolds.
Each Grand Company's seen to issuin' a book - On the Properties of Beastmen. That'll help you tell if the seals you find are the genuine article. Don't you go forgettin' to bring me that, neither.

(Exchange for the soiled promissory note)
Rowena: I'm lookin' to get my hands on three of each of the followin - inferno seals from the Amalj'aa, vortex seals from the Ixal, and tremor seals from the kobolds. Again, that's three of each. Sorry if I wasn't clear on that. Oh, and a copy of On the Properties of Beastmen to go with 'em. Bring me that little lot, and the note's yours.
When dealing with collectors, sets fetch the best coin. 'Gotta have them all!' they say. <spit> Pain in the bloody arse, they are.

Rowena: Truly? Then you'll be missin' out on some fine pieces o' craftsmanship.



Runestone Items
Templar's Chain Coif - Allagan Runestone Byregot
Templar's Haubergeon - Allagan Runestone Rhalgr
Templar's Sollerets - Allagan Runestone Llymlaen
Templar's Tassets - Allagan Runestone Halone
Buccaneer's Tricorne - Allagan Runestone Azeyma
Buccaneer's Shirt - Allagan Runestone Althyk
Buccaneer's Boots - Allagan Runestone Menphina
Buccaneer's Sash - Allagan Runestone Thaliak
Harlequin's Cap - Allagan Runestone Nophica
Harlequin's Acton - Allagan Runestone Nald'thal
Harlequin's Tights - Allagan Runestone Nymeia
Harlequin's Belt - Allagan Runestone Oschon

Primal Oblation Items
Ifrit's Claws - 10 Inferno Totems
Ifrit's Blade - 10 Inferno Totems
Ifrit's Battleaxe - 10 Inferno Totems
Ifrit's Bow - 10 Inferno Totems
Ifrit's Harpoon - 10 Inferno Totems
Ifrit's Cudgel - 10 Inferno Totems
Ifrit's Cane - 10 Inferno Totems
Murderous Mogfists - 10 Kupo Nut Charms
Morbid Mogblade - 10 Kupo Nut Charms
Malignant Mogaxe - 10 Kupo Nut Charms
Mischievous Mogbow - 10 Kupo Nut Charms
Melancholy Mogfork - 10 Kupo Nut Charms
Maleficent Mogstaff - 10 Kupo Nut Charms
Malevolent Mogwand - 10 Kupo Nut Charms
Garuda's Talons - 40 Vortex Totems
Garuda's Gaze - 40 Vortex Totems
Garuda's Scream - 40 Vortex Totems
Garuda's Spine - 40 Vortex Totems
Garuda's Beak - 40 Vortex Totems
Garuda's Van - 40 Vortex Totems
Garuda's Wile - 40 Vortex Totems

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