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Rydia (リディア [rydia] in Japanese) is a Summoner from the village of Mist in Final Fantasy IV. She's one of the last pure summoners in the world. She had both parents at least well into her childhood, although it's unknown what happened to her father. In any case, she is well loved by all the people in her village. She's right-handed.
At the time of FF4's start Rydia is 7 years old (107 cm tall, weights 18 kg). As she spends a good part of her childhood and adolescence in the Land of the Summons, her exact age later on is unknown - so is her height for that matter.

The original game didn't have voice acting, but it was added for the DS version of FF4. In that version, Rydia is voiced by Noriko Shitaya in the Japanese version and Daniella Macey in the English one.

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Early Years

Rydia was born in the village of Mist. However, as mentioned before, nothing is known about her father - although it can be deduced1 that he was a full-blooded Summoner and lived for at least part of Rydia's childhood. Her mother was a guardian of the village in that her Mist Dragon guarded the Mist Cave that was the only easy passage there.

In her early childhood, Rydia befriended many summons and was taken care of by everyone in the village of Mist. One particular friend of hers was Whyt, one of the Whytkin.

Final Fantasy IV


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The After Years

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Rydia has appeared several times in the FF-TCG, under the element of Earth.

tcg_2063.jpg tcg_2064.jpg tcg_6055.jpg
2-063R Rydia 2-064E Rydia 6-055S Rydia
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PR-015 Rydia PR-022 Rydia

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