Sazh Katzroy

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Sazh Katzroy (サッズ・カッツロイ [sazh katzroy] in Japanese) is one of the main characters in Final Fantasy XIII and a supporting character in FF XIII-2. He has a son called Dajh, and his wife died several years ago. He's 40 years old at the start of FF13, and is 189 cm tall (including afro).

His seiyuu in the Japanese version is Masashi Ehara, while his voice in the English version is Reno Wilson.

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Sazh has several cards in the FF-TCG, both of the Fire element.

tcg_1008.jpg tcg_2006.jpg tcg_9013.jpg
1-008U Sazh 2-006U Sazh 9-013U Sazh


Sazh has a Play Arts figurine made out of him, in the FF13 series.

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