Tall Oak

Tall Oak is a Roegadyn Captain of the Order of the Twin Adder. Towards the end of version 1.x, he could be found in the Jagged Crest Cave.


Grand Company quests
United We Stand (talk)


(talk as a member of Maelstrom)
Serpent Captain Tall Oak: There's a favor we would ask of you. We'd be much obliged if you would impress upon your commanding officer the virtues of an alliance.
As an adventurer, you understand the importance of unity better than most. Your eyes are unclouded by national prejudice, and your every endeavor necessitates cooperation. You must see that our three nations have little chance of repelling the Empire unless we stand together.
This scarce needs be said, but the Garleans are no ordinary foes. Only a madman would think to challenge them on his own.

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