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Terra Branford (ティナ・ブランフォード [tina branford] in Japanese) is a mysterious young woman raised by the Empire. As the first - and only - human born with magic in over a thousand years, she is both prized and feared. The Empire seeks to use her to gain domination over the world, and the Returners wish to recruit her unique power to tip the scales in their favor. The situation becomes more complicated as Terra discovers her past as a child born of two worlds.

Terra was born on October 18th and starts FF6 as a young woman of 18, heading to Narshe under the control of the Empire, though she breaks out of their grasp not long after the player gains control of her. She is 160 cm tall1, and weighs 48 kg. She likes animals, dislikes crowded places, and enjoys fluffing moogles. After the party is broken up in the World of Ruin, she takes up residence in Mobliz with lost and orphaned children.

In Dissidia, Terra's voice actress is Yukari Fukui (Japanese version) and Natalie Lander (English version).

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Early Years

Terra was born in the Esper world, approximately 1000 years after the Espers retreated to their own world. Her father was Maduin, an Esper, and her mother was Madeleine (Madonna in the English version), a human who had somehow managed to wander into the Esper world. Terra's time in the Esper world was short-lived, however — Madeleine was not the only one who managed to find the way there. About a year after Terra's birth, Emperor Gestahl and his troops invaded the Esper world, capturing many of the Espers before getting thrown out. In the incident, all humans were banished from the Esper world, including Madeleine and her baby daughter. As Madeleine lay dying, she begged Gestahl to take pity on her child. When he realized what that child, a half-Esper, meant, he killed Madeleine and brought Terra to Vector.


For the next 17 years, Terra grew up in the Empire's military city, learning to use her inborn magic and presumably getting experimented on. Through their studies on Terra and the captured Espers, the Empire managed to simulate magic for humans, mainly by creating Magitek armors, robotic structures that can use magic; and, in one case, by infusing a young woman, Celes Chere, with magic.

It is unknown for how long she has been wearing it, but at least by the start of FF6, Terra was completely under the control of a Slave Crown, forced to obey the Empire's every command.

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI opens with Terra heading towards the town of Narshe with Biggs and Wedge, two of the Empire's troops, all three of them in Magitek armors, in order to investigate rumors of a frozen Esper found in the Caves of Narshe. They find the Esper, Valigarmanda, but it shows a strange reaction to Terra's presence that obliterates Biggs and Wedge, and leaves Terra unconscious. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a home in Narshe - that of Arvis, a Returner. With the removal of her Slave Crown, Terra regains control over herself, and vaguely remembers her time with the Empire.
All is not well, however, as the townspeople rise up against Terra, not forgiving her for her earlier destruction. When town guards come to Arvis's home, he sends Terra out the back door to the Caves of Narshe again. As guards chase her through the caves, Terra falls through a hole in the ground and out of consciousness again. When she wakes, she sees a bunch of Moogles and Locke Cole, a Treasure Hunter that Arvis sent to look after her, protecting her from the guards. Locke takes her through a secret entrance of the caves and out of Narshe.

Terra and Locke then travel to the castle town of Figaro, a desert kingdom run by a good friend of Locke's, Edgar Roni Figaro. While paying lip service to the Empire, Figaro secretly fights against them. Edgar grants Terra sanctuary, "assuring" her that her magic is only a small part of the reason he decided to help her, and that, really, he just finds her captivating. The Empire is not far behind, however, and Kefka Palazzo, the Gestahl's second-in-command, comes knocking, asking if Edgar has seen a young woman belonging to the Empire. When Edgar replied that there were more women in his castle than grains of sand out in the desert, Kefka leaves fuming.
That night, Kefka returns, setting the whole of Figaro on fire. Terra, Locke, and Edgar escape on chocobos while the castle itself burrows deep underground, already prepared for the Empire's treachery.

The group heads next to South Figaro, a town still free but slowly falling under the Empire's influence. On the way, Terra uses magic, prompting startled reactions from Locke and Edgar before they get a hold of themselves and reassure her that magic is just an ability like any other, a positive trait, not negative. After a short stay in South Figaro, they decide to go to the Returners' base, to possibly convince Terra to join and help them.

As Terra & co. pass through Mt Koltz, they run into Vargas, the son of a martial arts master who recently passed away. When it looks like everything is lost, another fighter shows up, saving them all. Coincidentally enough, the newcomer is Sabin Rene Figaro, Edgar's twin brother who left the kingdom while they were young. Sabin joins, and the four travel together to the Returner's Hideout.

At the Returners' Hideout, [[[people:Banon]], the leader of the Returners, asks her to join them. While she's deciding, a wounded messenger arrives with big news: the Empire has taken South Figaro, and is on their way to Narshe to demand their Esper. With the hopes of so many people riding on her shoulders, Terra joins the Returners, and departs for Narshe with Edgar, Sabin, and Banon, while Locke goes to investigate South Figaro on his own. The four of them travel by raft over Lethe River, which will take them very close to Narshe.
On the way to Narshe, Terra & co. meet misfortune in the form of an octopus named Ultros, who attacks them. As Ultros runs after his defeat, Sabin chases after him, only to be knocked unconscious. Helplessly, the group watches as Sabin soon floats down a different fork in the river.
The rest of the journey passes rather uneventfully, and at Narshe, Terra's group receives a pleasant surprise: Sabin survived, and even brought two friends - Cyan Garamonde, a knight of Doma; and Gau, a wild child of the Veldt. Locke arrives as well with an even more surprising ally - General Celes Chere of the Empire, sick of the Empire's ruthless, cruel ways.

Together, the group fights against the Empire when they come to Narshe to take the Esper, and sends Kefka running. As Terra makes contact with the Esper, however, the strange reaction of before happens again. This time, it completes, and Terra transform into an Esper herself and, with a scream, flies away. Terra's wild flight takes her west past Figaro's desert, and south to the town of Zozo, where she meets the Esper Ramuh and falls into a deep sleep.


Terra does not regain consciousness until her friends find and bring magicite from the Empire's base. In their presence, she awakens, and remembers her past. Ramuh, at the end of his strength already, allows himself to turn into magicite as well, to aid the group.
After much discussion, the group returns to Narshe, which finally decided to officially ally themselves with the Returners. But even Figaro and Narshe combined cannot topple the Empire, and the heroes make a plan to try to open the Sealed Gate, the way in to the Esper world, to get their help. Though sealed from the Espers' side, they reason Terra may be able to open it.
Terra does indeed open the Sealed Gate, only to have a maelstrom of Espers fly out, most of them straight towards Vector, the Empire's base. When Terra & co get to Vector, it is already in ruins.
To their surprise, the Empire gives them a warm welcome, having apparently turned over a new leaf, and invites them to dinner, where everything seems to be well. The Emperor is accommodating, Kefka is safely in jail, and only a handful of troops still want to fight. In fact, Gestahl declares that the Empire has learned its lesson, and wants to ask Terra for help. The exact nature of the help is in talking to the Espers who came out of the Sealed Gate not long ago, to convince them not to destroy the whole world. The Empire believes they're gathered around Crescent Island, where a powerful force draws them.

As Terra gets ready to leave, Locke invites himself along. The Empire also sends with them Celes, General Leo Christophe, and Shadow, a hired mercenary who has helped the other group members before. That night on the boat, Terra discusses the idea of "love" with Leo and Shadow, and wonders if she would ever feel it.

At Crescent Island, Terra & co. find their way to the town of Thamasa, where everyone is unfriendly and decidedly avoids talking about magic. At the edge of the town, they find Strago Magus, the expert on Espers who says he has never heard of them; and his granddaughter, Relm Arrowny, who seems to know all about magic before getting hushed by Strago.
That night, the group rests at the inn, only to be woken up in the middle of the night by Strago, panicking about Relm being stuck in a burning mansion. Outside the mansion, the whole town casts magic to try to stop the flames. Strago rushes in, and Terra and Locke follow. In the deepest part of the mansion, they find Relm, protected by Interceptor, Shadow's unfriendly dog who has taken a liking to Relm. As the rescue party gets there, however, the mansion collapses, but Shadow appears, nominally saving his dog, and effectively saving all of them.

After Relm's rescue, the entire town becomes a lot more friendly and helpful. They talk about their descent from the Magi, mages who fought on the humans' side with magic gained from magicite during the war with the Espers and who were cast out by the rest of the humans after the end of the war. More usefully, Strago mentions mountains to the west of the town with a strong gathering of energy. Locke and Terra decide to investigate, and Strago himself joins them, while Shadow sets off on his own. Despite asking to go with them, Relm is ordered to stay home.
On the mountain, they find a set of golden statues, representations of the Warring Triad, three goddesses whose wars caused major destruction until they turned themselves to stone. Strago reasons that the statues' power might be what draws the Espers to the Crescent Island. As they proceed, however, they are attacked by Ultros once again. During the battle with Ultros, Relm shows up, having followed them. When she draws a picture of "Uncle Ulty", it comes to life, and he realizes that he's nothing but an octopus and runs away, and Relm forces Strago to admit how useful she is.
Further into the mountain, the group does indeed find the Espers. Unfortunately, they are still insane, and immediately try to attack until one of them, Yura, recognizes Terra's heritage and manages to calm them down. They have apparently been preparing for war when Terra opened the Sealed Gate, and when they came out, they were driven crazy; now they want to apologize.

All is well when Terra & co. return to Thamasa with the Espers. Yura, as their spokesman, makes their peace with General Leo. As everyone's hopes are up, however, Kefka appears with a group of Magitek armors, revealing the Empire's real plan: their humble plea was nothing but a sham, and now Kefka is here to capture the Espers. Leo, finally understanding the Empire's purpose, attacks Kefka; but on Kefka's defeat, it turns out to be a fake, and Leo gets killed by the real one. As the Espers try to attack, Kefka destroys them all and turns them into magicite. Terra's group just barely manages to survive as Edgar rescues them with airship in tow; the rest of the group realized something was wrong when most of the Returners were suddenly killed at Vector. Meanwhile, Kefka and Gestahl leave for the Floating Continent, the location of the real Warring Triad, whose powers can destroy the world with only a thought.

As the group head for the Floating Continent, they run into Ultros once again, who brought a friend this time. Chupon, Ultros's helper, manages to blow several people off of the airship and onto the Floating Island itself. On the Floating Island, they meet Shadow again, how wounded and with a score to settle with the Empire. When they approach Kefka and Gestahl, they all get paralyzed by the Emperor's power except Celes, who the Gestahl offers to let back into the Empire. Celes refuses, and stabs Kefka, who promptly runs into the middle of the Warring Triad and commands their power to destroy Gestahl. When Gestahl realizes that Kefka intends to wake the Warring Triad, he tries to stop him, to no avail: Kefka does kill him, then moves the statues, causing the world to be destroyed. Shadow warns the rest of the group to leave while he stays behind to trap Kefka between the Warring Triad. As everyone runs, the Floating Island falls apart, along with the rest of the world.

After the world is destroyed, everyone ended up in a different place, though they all survived. Kefka builds a tower that reaches towards the sky, ruling the world as a god. Terra, meanwhile, ends up near Mobliz, where she ends up taking care of orphaned children along with Duane and Katarin, a teenage couple. For the first time, she is content with her life.

A year or so after the end of the world, Celes, Setzer, and others end up at Mobliz, trying to find the rest of their original group in order to defeat Kefka once and for all and put the world back right. Terra refuses, feeling her place is with the children. Her personal peace comes crashing, however, as Humbaba, an ancient demon, attacks the town. Though Terra tries to defeat him, she fails, and her friends fight him off. Terra refuses to go with them again, not believing she would be of any help.

Time passes; Terra idles in Mobliz. Domestic trouble strikes when Katarin becomes pregnant and Duane avoids her in a panic. Terra sets up a safe shelter with Katarin to talk her through her trouble. More time passes.

Some time later, Celes & co. return to Mobliz to see how Terra is doing. Duane goes with them to find Terra and Katarin, and the couple makes up again. At that moment, Humbaba attacks again and Terra, unconfident, refuses to fight, so the rest of the group does. However, this time, they start to lose. Finally, Terra makes her choice and saves her friends, fighting as an Esper. When Humbaba is defeated for good, the children come out, at first scared of Terra's Esper form and wondering where their "Mama" Terra went, before recognizing her. Terra finally goes with Celes and everyone else to save the world and protect the children.

The heroes make their way through Kefka's tower, destroying the Warring Triad on the way. However, even when they get destroyed, magic does not fade away, as Kefka has taken that power for himself. Eventually, they make it to the top, where they confront Kefka. Kefka's goal is to destroy the whole world and everything in it, and everyone has something they want to protect, Terra's being "love", which she finally understands. Upon Kefka's death, the tower starts falling apart, and magic starts to fade. Terra uses the last of the magic available to her to change into an Esper to lead her friends out. On their way, they meet the spirit of Maduin from his magicite, and he tells Terra that the Espers are disappearing, but if she has something important to her human side, she may be able to remain as a human.

In the end, everyone makes it out on the airship, into a newly reborn world. Terra settles down in Mobliz afterwards.



The events of Dissidia are set outside of the normal Final Fantasy 6 storyline, but seem to take place at some point during the World of Ruin, as Kefka has the powers conferred to him by the Warring Triad.

At the start of Dissidia, Terra, along with the heroes of the other Final Fantasy games (from 1 to 10), are summoned to help Cosmos fight against Chaos. On Chaos's side are the Final Fantasy villains. The battle is supposed to wage on for all eternity, but the heroes lose. They are scattered across various worlds; Terra ends up at North Crater along with Onion Knight. There, they see a projection of Cosmos, who tells them to find crystals, the last hope of the world.

Terra starts her travels with Onion Knight, who promises her he will protect her. As they search for a clue to the crystals, Terra feels a strong presence nearby, and the two investigate it for a clue. On the way, they see Exdeath, and instead of fighting him, Onion Knight tries to persuade him to let them go. Exdeath leaves, but not before warning Onion Knight that a person who lacks courage will never find the crystals.

Once they find Terra's "strong presence", Onion Knight goes to investigate, while Terra suddenly hears a voice in her head. She becomes possessed by the Cloud of Darkness; her powers explode uncontrollably, and she attacks Onion Knight. When he defeats her, she disappears, taken away by the Cloud of Darkness.

For the next little while, Terra is manipulated by the Cloud of Darkness to attack the forces of good. With so much of her power being unleashed at once, she prays to Cosmos in her pain. When Onion Knight finally finds her again, she has exhausted herself and has fallen unconscious. She wakes up shortly after Onion Knight wins and obtains his crystal, and both of them fall into an exhausted sleep.

The two keep traveling, searching now for Terra's crystal. Terra worries that she can't feel their allies' presence anymore, but Onion Knight reassures her that everything will be okay, that he will protect her. Though assured, she wonders why he seems to have changed, and why she can't remember what happened.

As they travel, Terra worries that she's the most useless out of them all, since she can't seem to do anything and needs to be protected. When she wonders if finding her crystal will change that, Onion Knight tells her that he learned the opposite is true: you find your crystal when you change, when you discover your greatest desire. Terra, though unable to figure out her greatest desire, is encouraged by his words, and resolves to keep going no matter what.

Terra runs into trouble when they meet Kefka#FFD. As Cloud of Darkness failed to turn Terra into a servant of Chaos, Kefka decided to take matters into his own hands. He tells Terra about how she lost control of her powers and fought Onion Knight, and mocks her for having forgotten it all. He praises her destruction, and asks her to join him that they can destroy allies, enemies, and everything in the world. When Onion Knight attacks him to protect Terra, Kefka creates a huge explosion. In the aftermath, both Kefka and Onion Knight are gone.

With little choice, Terra keeps going by herself, but is unable to forget Kefka's words. As she thinks about them, her body starts burning up, her power once again released on its own. This time, Cloud shows up, and, despite Terra's warning for him to get back, fights her to calm her down. She explains her situation, and Cloud decides to travel with her and help her find Onion Knight. Again, Terra worries about her power, and Cloud tries to help by showing her a Wild Rose, a symbol of Firion's dream: that of a world where wild roses bloom. Not having dreams themselves, Terra and Cloud decide to share Firion's, and Terra finally realizes her own dream, where where all kinds of flowers bloom, and where she isn't afraid. With that dream in mind, they keep going.

After some time, Terra reaches Kefka, who taunts her again and once more offers for her to join him. When Terra refuses, he decides to destroy everything "for" her, together with the Cloud of Darkness. Onion Knight returns, however, and holds off the Cloud of Darkness while Terra fights Kefka. When Terra defeats him to protect the future, she finds her crystal and her own strength.

After everyone finds their crystals and make their way back to Cosmos, expecting the world to be saved, they find the opposite. Cosmos tells them that it is already too late, and that they will all know true darkness. As Chaos appears, she tells him that they must know darkness, and he destroys her. With the war over and Cosmos defeated, everyone ends up in the realm of Chaos. The villains laugh, saying that they, the heroes, were the ones who destroyed Cosmos. But when the heroes disappear, they reappear in the realm of Cosmos with their crystals, and set off to find out what happened.

Soon, the truth is revealed: the crystals that the heroes found contain Cosmos's powers. With all her strength going to her heroes, Cosmos was powerless and easily destroyed. With Cosmos gone, the eternal war is over, and the world begins to get consumed by Chaos. With everything on the verge of destruction, they no longer care about any semblance of order, and many, like Kefka, are indulging in violence. As Terra meets and fights Kefka one last time, he "assures" her that her efforts are pointless, that the world will be destroyed regardless. The heroes keep going, however, with the hope that if they can save that world, they can go home.

Eventually, the heroes discover the other side of the story, the Emperor's plans. Though they found the crystals under Cosmos's powers, it is, in fact, something the villains desired all along. With Cosmos out of the way, the Emperor intends to rule over all the worlds. The heroes defeat him again, but he reveals another fact - as long as Chaos exists, the villains will be brought back over and over again. They don't have much time, however, as they start to fade away. When at last they reach Garland and defeat him, he tells them that it is all pointless, that even if all the servants of Chaos are defeated, Chaos will still reign over the world and destroy it, bringing about ultimate discord. And then everything will repeat once again. They discover another reason for Chaos's destruction, however — since he lost Cosmos, his other half, he is trying to destroy not only everything, but himself as well.

Finally, the heroes defeat Chaos. The cycle is over, the war no more. Everyone returns home.


Terra has quite a few appearances in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Ice and Light elements.

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