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The Abyssea add-ons have two kinds of quests; the main story quests and the others. The first of the quests grants access to the areas, and you must be level 30 to activate it. However, to survive in Abyssea you must be level 75 or higher.
There is no way to tell where on the Vana'dielian timeline the events of the add-ons are set, although it is likely from the arrangement of some of the previous expansions that the present-day portions of them happen sometime during and after the final stages of Wings of the Goddess.

While nothing in the game forces you to complete the Abyssea add-on quests, having the add-ons themselves is almost a requirement for leveling past 75, and in some cases to even getting there in the current playing environment.

Note that for the story quests, the first five ones only require one of the add-ons for the player to be able to complete them, with quests 4 and 5 being dependent on the add-on they've bought. However, from quest 6 onwards the player must have the appropriate progression of add-ons activated. For example, to flag and complete quest 9 the player must have Vision of Abyssea as well to be able to complete the quests previous to it, and to flag and complete quest 12 the player must have all add-ons.

In addition to the story quests being listed in their own section, they are also present in the main Abyssea quest list.

Story Quests

ABY 01 A Journey Begins
ABY 02 The Truth Beckons
ABY 03 Dawn of Death

Vision of Abyssea
ABY 04 La Theine: A Goldstruck Gigas, Konschtat: To Paste a Peiste, Tahrongi: Megadrile Menace
ABY 05 The Forbidden Frontier

ABY 06 First Contact
ABY 07 An Officer and a Pirate
ABY 08 Heart of Madness

Scars of Abyssea
ABY 04 Attohwa: A Fluttery Fiend, Misareux: A Delectable Demon, Vunkerl: The Beast of Bastore
ABY 05 Scars of Abyssea

ABY 09 Tenuous Existence
ABY 10 Champions of Abyssea

Heroes of Abyssea
ABY 04 Altepa: A Beaked Blusterer, Grauberg: An Ulcerous Uragnite, Uleguerand: A Man-eating Mite
ABY 05 Heroes of Abyssea

ABY 11 A Sea Dog's Summons
ABY 12 Death and Rebirth
ABY 13 Emissaries of Gods
ABY 14 Beneath a Blood-red Sky
ABY 15 The Wyrm God
ABY 16 Meanwhile, Back on Abyssea
ABY 17 Moonlight Requite

All Quests

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