Eve of Adventure

Treasure is all well and good for asky pirates, but it means little enough without an airship. And so Vaan and Penelo resume life as usual…until the unusual happens.


Name: 1-1 (03) - Eve of Adventure
Japanese Name: はじまりの夜 [hajimari no yoru] or 'night of beginnings'
Start Condition: The Treasures Twain complete
Mission Type: story
Victory Condition: defeat all enemies
Loss Condition: Vaan defeated
Areas: Rabanastre gates, night-time

Recommended Level: 2
Members Limit: 3 (Vaan, Kytes, Filo)
Other: -

Reward: -
Treasure: -
Goblin Pouch: -
Exp Bonus: 30 base exp


Enemy Level Rank Number Element Weakness Resistance
Alraune 1 I 3 - - -
Sylph 1 I 3 - - -
Garchimacera 1 I 3 - - -


You start with your three units facing in the direction an enemy weak to them will appear from. At first each will only face one enemy, but after you defeat all three available on the map, two more of each kind will spawn near your characters, once again the ones that are strong to the enemy. Defeat these as well and the mission will be complete. There should be no difficulties.


Downtown Rabanastre

You see a scene of Rabanastre Downtown. Tomaj is walking towards Penelo, Kytes and Filo.

(narration by Penelo)
It was over before it started.
We'd only just begun to spread our wings, and they were taken away. Vaan shrugged it off. He said he'd buy a new airship, and he never even talking about the treasure we'd found. It was as though our adventures were only
dreams, dreams that faded day by day under the brilliant Rabanastre skies. We went back to the quiet lives we'd always led, like nothing had ever happened.
But it wasn't to last…

Tomaj: You wouldn't believe the mark Vaan brought down the other day. He's sure been in good spirits, considering what happened to his airship.
Filo: An airship we never got to ride, I might add.
Kytes: Yeah, it'd sure be nice to have some adventures of our own for a change.
Penelo: Life's not all adventures and treasures, you know. There's a lot to be
said for peace and quiet.

Vaan runs towards the group.

Vaan: You're not gonna believe this!
Penelo: Vaan!
Filo: Tell us already!
Kytes: What is it, Vaan?
Vaan: There's an airship headed toward the city. But not just any airship. It's older than any airship I've ever seen. You remember the legend about the lost sky continent?
Filo: "Purvama, the floating lands. In the border-skies they wait,. Untrodden, unknown."
Kytes: You don't think the airship's really from some legend, do you, Vaan?
Vaan: Only one way to find out! C'mon!

The group is seen running at the streets in Rabanastre. In the skies aflame with setting sun flies an airship shrouded in dark Mist. Everyone stops and Penelo looks at Vaan worriedly.

(narration by Penelo)
I knew trouble wasn't far off. When Vaan gets that look in his eye, it never is.

Night-time Battles

Vaan, Kytes and Filo walk into the fountain square.

Filo: (yawn) What's so important we have to come out here in the middle of the night?
Kytes: And how come we didn't bring Penelo?
Vaan: Shh! Just try and keep up, okay?

While Filo and Kytes look at each other, confused, Vaan goes ahead and notices monsters coming in from the gates.

Vaan: Where did they come from?
Kytes: They sure don't look like anything I've ever seen in the desert before.
Vaan: Something's up.
You wanted an adventure, right? Time to get your hands dirty.
Kytes: Anything you need, Vaan. I'll use magicks to back you up.
Filo: And I'll attack from the air. They'll never know what hit 'em!

The three run to defend the three different gates.

Vaan: Everybody ready? Here we go!
This one's all mine!

Kytes: I sure hope this works…
Vaan: You can do it, Kytes! Just throw some magick its way.

Filo: That leaves this one for me!

After defeating all three enemies.

Vaan: I guess that's that.

Six more enemies appear.

Filo: …Or not.
Kytes: Vaan-!
Vaan: Here they come!

After defeating all of them.

Vaan: This time I think we got 'em all.

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