In Search of the Eternal

While exploring the Glabados Ruins, Vaan is soon separated from the others. He must find his friends before they leave him behind!


Name: 0-1 (01) - In Search of the Eternal
Japanese Name: 空賊ヴァン参上! [kuuzoku vaan sanjou] or 'sky pirate vaan appears!'
Start Condition: Start the game
Mission Type: story
Victory Condition: find Penelo, Balthier and Fran
Loss Condition: Vaan defeated
Areas: Glabados Ruins

Recommended Level: 1
Members Limit: 1 (Vaan)
Other: -

Reward: -
Treasure: -
Goblin Pouch: -
Exp Bonus: 20 exp base


Enemy Level Rank Number Element Weakness Resistance
Red Flan 1 I 4 Fire Water Fire


Not much is required to get through this mission. Simply kill the flans that get in your way and continue down the corridor. It is basically impossible to fail.


Entering the Ruins

Vaan's airship and the Strahl fly through the skies towards the Glabados Ruins. Camera enters the ruins itself. Vaan runs to the scene.

Vaan: Hellooo! Anybody there?

A flan drops down.

Vaan: Not who I was expecting.
Well if that's how it's gonna be…
Let's do this!

Vaan: Let's see what you've got!

If Vaan avoids the flan instead of fighting.

Vaan: No time for dessert. See ya!
So, where did everybody run off to?

Vaan kills the flan.

Vaan: Nothin' to it!
Now to find Penelo. She has to be in here somewhere.

Meeting Penelo

Penelo: Sure took you long enough!
Vaan: Sorry, I got here as fast as I could.
Penelo: You didn't waste time getting yourself into trouble.
Vaan: It takes more than healing spells to make it past these flans, y'know.
Penelo: Yeah, so?
Vaan: Ah, never mind. Let's hurry up and find Balthier and Fran.
Penelo: They're just up ahead. And I don't think Balthier is gonna wait forever.
Vaan: Then what are we standin' around talkin' for? C'mon!
Try not to fall behind!

Meeting Balthier and Fran

Balthier: Good of you to join us, Vaan. Enjoy your stroll through the ruins?

Balthier and Fran head on.

Vaan: He still treats us like we're just a couple of kids.
Penelo: Well, at least they waited for us. C'mon, let's go!

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