The Treasure is the Key

The interior of the derelict is no more inviting than the desert outside. As Vaan and the others battle within its fantastic confines, the Cache of Glabados begins to glow.


Name: 1-3 (05) - The Treasure is the Key
Japanese Name: 秘宝の導くちから [hihou no michibiku chikara] or 'the guiding strength of the treasure'
Start Condition: The Coveted Derelict complete
Mission Type: story
Victory Condition: Reach summoning gate / Open summoning gate / Summon 3 Yarhi / Defeat all enemies
Loss Condition: One ally defeated
Areas: Galbana entrance

Recommended Level: 4
Members Limit: 3 (Vaan, Kytes, Filo)
Other: 1 summoning gate

Reward: -
Treasure: -
Goblin Pouch: -
Exp Bonus: Personal bonus for defeating up to 3 monsters and for summoning an extra monster. Party bonus for clearing mission in less than 4min99/1min30


Enemy Level Rank Number Element Weakness Resistance
Alraune 1 I 2 - - -
Sylph 1 I 5 - - -
Garchimacera 1 I 5 - - -


First take either the lower or higher route to the summoning gate at the back of the map. Defeat anything that comes in your way or not, but reach the gate and defeat the two Sylphs waiting for you there. Next, open the summoning gate and summon three Yarhi from it - it doesn't matter which ones or to whom, although it's recommended to get at least one of each type.

Once you've done this, more enemies will appear. Keep summoning from the gate (Alraune or Sylph would be a good option), and defeat the new enemy groups - note that the old ones will have disappeared even if you didn't defeat them. There are three Garchimacera on the higher path so send Kytes to take care of them, and three Sylphs on the lower path. Vaan can handle these.
Once this is done, the mission is completed.


Entering the Ship

You see the entrance of the ship, complete with a viera idol. Vaan points at a summoning gate, where monsters are appearing.

Vaan: Over there!
Kytes: Whatever it is, there sure are a lot of monsters comin' out of it.
Filo: Let's get a closer look!
Vaan: All right, but better be careful.

The Gate

Kytes looks at the summoning gate.

Kytes: What do you think it is, Vaan?

There is a bright flash.

Vaan: The stone!

Vaan digs out the green stone, and holds it out. The gate starts changing color from red to blue.

Filo: It's changing color!
Vaan: Looks like the Cache of Glabados has some kind of power over the gate. I wonder if I can use it to summon something…

As Vaan holds out the stone, a red Alraune appears from it.

Kytes: Whoa! An alraune!
Filo: Did you summon it, Vaan? Do it again!
Vaan: Uh, sure. nothin' to it.

Vaan summons three more monsters from the gate.

Filo: Wow!
Vaan: So these monsters must really be Espers.
Kytes: Espers, monsters…what's the difference? The less we have to do with 'em, the better.
Vaan: Well, these seem tame enough. Maybe they'll obey us.

Two groups of monsters appear and cut out the path away from the gate.

Kytes: Uh oh, here come some more!
Vaan: No problem. We'll use the ones we summoned to fight these.
Filo: Then maybe we oughta summon a few more, just to be sure!

Heading On

Filo: They fought for us, just like we wanted!
Kytes: Your very own Espers, Vaan!
Vaan: I'm getting the feeling this stone and the ship are connected.
Filo: Let's take a look around, see if we can find anything.
I think there's a way up over here!
Vaan: Hey, take it easy, will ya!

Vaan and Kytes follow Filo off-screen.

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