The Treasures Twain

Joined by Balthier and Fran, Vaan and Penelo reach the heart of the Glabados Ruins. But something stands between them and the coveted treasure…


Name: 0-2 (02) The Treasures Twain
Japanese Name: ふたつの秘宝 [futatsu no hihou] or 'the two treasures'
Start Condition: Vaan the Sky Pirate complete
Mission Type: story
Victory Condition: defeat Ifrit
Loss Condition: Vaan's death
Areas: Glabados Ruins

Recommended Level: 2
Members Limit: 2 (Vaan, Penelo)
Other: -

Reward: -
Treasure: -
Goblin Pouch: -
Exp Bonus: 30 base exp


Enemy Level Rank Number Element Weakness Resistance
Ifrit 1 III 1 Fire Water Fire
Djinn 1 I 4 Fire Water Fire


There's not much to this mission. Get Vaan and Penelo close to Ifrit. Your helper-units Balthier and Fran (both level 3) will prioritize taking down the Djinns, who keep spawning from the summon gates as old ones are defeated. There's nothing to do but watch as everything gets taken down. Slowly.


Entering the Treasury

Vaan: Whoa…

Fran: It would seem the Cache of Glabados holds two treasures.
Vaan: Perfect! One for you and Balthier, and one for us!
Balthier: Settling for only half the treasure? What sort of sky pirate are you?

Ifrit appears out of the summon gate on the left.

Balthier: Good to know someone was here to keep the lights on.
Fran: Ernh…
Penelo: Fran!
Fran: This Mist…so strange. It's…cold.
Balthier: Can you fight?
Fran: Yes, I think so.

Djinns start appearing out of the summoning gates.

Balthier: Well, what do we have here? Quite the welcoming party.
Vaan: Better not keep 'em waiting!

After the Treasure

Vaan starts running towards the treasure.

Balthier: Not so fast, Vaan.
Vaan: What now?
Balthier: The legend of the Cache of Glabados - you're familiar with it, yes?
Vaan: I didn't know there was a legend.
Balthier: Why am I not surprised? Very well, I'll tell you this once, but no more.
This is no ordinary treasure. It holds a connection with the eternal.
Vaan: The eternal what?
Fran: Perhaps a more simple explanation would confuse less.
Balthier: A treasure is like a mysterious woman. You have to be worthy of her, or she'll slip through you fingers.
I dare say you're not quite worthy of this one just yet. Better if I take it.

Balthier heads for the green treasure on the right.

Vaan: Go ahead. Then I'll just have to take it from you!
Penelo: Vaan, what are you doing?
Fran: He's acting the sky pirate.

Balthier tosses the green treasure to Vaan.

Balthier: A little something to welcome you to our profession. But remember, Vaan. The things you own can end up owning you.

As Balthier takes the second, purple treasure, the room starts shaking.

Penelo: What?
Balthier: Seems our performance has brought down the house.
Vaan: What's happening?
Penelo: We've gotta get outta here!

Everyone runs out as rocks start falling. Balthier and Fran head for the Strahl safely, while Vaan and Penelo head for their airship only to see it fall to the sea. Penelo pulls Vaan to the Strahl and the two just barely make it aboard before it takes off.

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