Unwelcome Guests

With the Cache of Glabados in hand, Vaan and his friends explore the derelict's interior. Meanwhile, Penelo mistakes trouble outside the ship for Vaan's work. Who's really behind it?


Name: 1-3 (06) - Unwelcome Guests
Japanese Name: 先客の正体 [senkyaku no shoutai] or 'the true identity of the preceding visitors'
Start Condition: The Treasure is the Key complete
Mission Type: story
Victory Condition: defeat Ba'Gamnan
Loss Condition: Vaan defeated
Areas: Galbana sky salon

Recommended Level: 5
Members Limit: 3 (Vaan, Kytes, Filo)
Other: 1 friendly summoning gate

Reward: -
Treasure: -
Goblin Pouch: -
Exp Bonus: Personal bonus for defeating an enemy and surviving the fight. Party bonus for clearing the mission in 2min59/59sec


Enemy Level Rank Number Type Element Weakness Resistance
Ba'Gamnan 5 Leader 1 Melee - - -
Bwagi 3 Leader 1 Melee - - -
Gijuk 3 Leader 1 Ranged - - -
Rinok 3 Leader 1 Melee - - -


Use the first couple seconds of the fight to summon more melee and flying Yarhi for yourself. Send Vaan to the lower branch to counter Gijuk who's a ranged unit, and Filo to the higher branch to counter Rinok, a melee unit. Station Kytes in the middle (or the lower branch) and spam Firaga as much as you can.
After a while Bwagi will join the fight through the lower branch, so be sure to send Filo that way as soon as Rinok is defeated. When all three of his supporters are dead or dying, Ba'Gamnan will arrive himself. Once again, Filo is a must.

If any of your own leader units get close to dying, be sure to retreat them in time as they'd lose their exp bonus if they do die. Other than that, keep the Yarhi as numerous as you can and constantly on the enemy, and you should have very few problems. When Ba'Gamnan is defeated you're launched into a series of cutscenes that complete the mission and chapter 1.


The Ones Left Behind

Penelo and Tomaj run through Rabanastre and exit through the Southgate. Penelo notices a felled guard near the derelict airship. Penelo cures him.

Penelo: What happened!? Are you all right?
Wounded Guard: Ungh… They…they forced their way onto the ship.
Penelo: You don't think Vaan would do something like that, do you?
Tomaj: You know how he is about airships.
Penelo: Well this time he's gone too far! We're taking him home - now!

The two enter the airship.

The Bridge of the Derelict

Vaan, Kytes and Filo enter the bridge. It is dark, only some faint blue lights are seen.

Vaan: This must be the bridge.
Filo: Kinda creepy.
Vaan: There's nothin' to be scared of. You're a sky pirate, right?
Filo: Hmph!
Kytes: I've never seen anything like this before! Everything looks so old… Do you think she'll fly, Vaan?

There is a flash and a green bangaa appears, closely followed by three others.

Ba'Gamnan: Aye, she'll fly, but she'll no be flyin' fer you!
Kytes: Wh-who are they?
Filo: Some snakes trying to pass as headhunters.
Vaan: How many times do we have to kill you, anyway?
Ba'Gamnan: Well, well. Who have we here! Tire of playing at pirates with Balthier, did you? I settle my scores, boy, and yours is long past due!
Vaan: Still haven't had enough, huh?

While Vaan and Ba'Gamnan prepare for a fight, Filo and Kytes back off.

Filo: What do we do?
Kytes: We, um… We run!
Vaan: Hey, get back here!

Vaan runs after the two.

Ba'Gamnan: You won't be getting away so easily this time!
After them!
Bwagi: They're nae more than children, my brother.
Ba'Gamnan: What's that? Do my eats hear mutinous mutterings from your mouth?
Rinok: There's nothing for it, then.
Bwagi: Aye, sure 'n' there's not, my sister.

Ba'Gamnan gets angry, and Rinok and Bwagi run off, closely followed by Gijuk.

Gijuk: Wait for me!

Ba'Gamnan leaves after them.

Chased into a Corner

In a big room that will later become the sky saloon, the three bangaa brothers have chased Vaan, Kytes and Filo into a corner. Vaan stands foremost.

Bwagi: 'Tis nae personal, lad. Y'see, we're looking ta leave the headhunting business fer good and all. Only, Ba'Gamnan does nae take well ta desertion. So yer going ta replace the lot of us.
Rinok: The three of you for the three of us. Not a fair trade by half, but it will have to do.
Gijuk: Don't be so sure, my sister! This one here's a right tasty morsel!
Filo: You should know better than to bite off more than you can chew, you scurvy lizards!
Vaan: You leave her outta this!

Ba'Gamnan appears.

Ba'Gamnan: What are you prattling on about? Cut or be cut, but be on with't.
Bwagi: Gijuk! Rinok! our final battle is upon us! Make it one fer the ages!
Gijuk: Oh yes, my brother!
Rinok: Hra hra hra!
Vaan: They're in for a surprise.

Vaan summons Yarhi from the nearby summoning gate.

Vaan: Now let's see how tough they really are!

After the Battle

Bwagi: Urngh…losin' to the likes of sprats like you. We should've quit while we were ahead.
Let's get while the gettin's good!

Bwagi runs away, closely followed by Rinok and Gijuk.

Vaan approaches Ba'Gamnan when the airship shakes.

Vaan: The airship's moving!
Kytes: We better get to the bridge!
Filo: No time to waste!

The three run towards the bridge. Ba'Gamnan gets up and follows. At the bridge, the group tries to think of something to do when Ba'Gamnan catches up to them.

Ba'Gamnan: Oh, I'm not done with you yet! Never forget that he who laughs last, laughs hardest!

As the airship shakes some more, Ba'Gamnan falls down the stairs and is knocked out. Penelo and Tomaj run in.

Penelo: Do you want to explain what's going on here, Vaan?
Just where do you think you're going?
Vaan: On our next adventure, where else?
Penelo: What kind of answer is that?

The airship shakes more and leaves the ground. It shakes off the bits of earth clinging to it and spreads its wings, now looking clean and shiny. It takes off to the skies.

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