Culinary Capers 3


Exterminate all sahagin using only Thunder magic. Sahagin have long pincers. They are blue, which makes them look kind of cute.


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Reward: Fine Silk (Normal), Holy Orb (Hard/Very Hard)
Cost: 270 gil
Time limit: 8 minutes
Location: Ice Mountain 2 / room 1-4
Players: 1-4

Requirement: Talk to the chef in Town / Library Square after Ice Mountain 2


Sahagin 12
Snow Mu


Defeating other monsters than sahagin with other attacks is still allowed. These other monsters drop MP-replenishing fruit, so be sure to pick them up if you're running low on MP.
In earlier levels of trying, try to aim to hit two sahagins with one Thunder when possible.

Category: Quests


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