Arithmetic Tutor Wanted
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Name: Arithmetic Tutor Wanted
Japanese Name: 算数必勝学! [sansuu hisshou gaku!] or 'study arithmetic certain win!'
Availability: after the start of Chapter IV
Success Degrees:1 99+ total work points for Great Success, 59-98 points for Success, 0-59 points for Failure
Starting City: Gariland
Cost: 50 gil

Dispatch Members: 1-3
Dispatch Days: 10-13
Recommended Job: Chemist
Skill Save Job:2 Ninja

Base JP Reward: 20 (x1 for Great Success, /10 for Success, /20 for Failure)
Base Gil Reward: 150 (x1 for Great Success, /5 for Success, /20 for Failure)
Bonus Reward Tier 1:3 -
Bonus Reward Tier 2: -
Bonus Reward Tier 3: -

Total JP Reward:4 Overtime Multiplier5 x (Base JP + Character's Work Points + Bonus JP)
Total Gil Reward: Overtime Multiplier x (Base Gil + All Characters' Work Points) + Bonus Gil)
Feat Title:6 Brave Little Dorman

Bravery Work Points: 20 WP for 3-20 BRV, 15 WP for 21-40 BRV, 10 WP for 41-60 BRV, 8 WP for 61-80 BRV, 5 WP for 81-94 BRV
Faith Work Points: 20 WP for 81-94 FTH, 15 WP for 61-80 FTH, 10 WP for 41-60 FTH, 8 WP for 21-40 FTH, 5 WP for 3-20 FTH
Level Work Points: 20 WP for lv61-70, 15 WP for lv71-80, 10 WP for lv1-50 or 81-90, 8 WP for 91-100
Job Work Points: 25 WP for Chemist, 20 WP for Orator, 18 WP for Squire, 15 WP for White Mage, Black Mage, Time Mage, Summoner, Thief, Arithmetician, Bard, Dancer, 12 WP for Mystic, Samurai, 10 WP for Geomancer, Ninja, Mime, 5 WP for Archer, Dark Knight, Onion Knight, 2 WP for Knight, Monk, Dragoon



Dorman, a boy of seven who hated math, recently raised his hand to answer a question in math class during open house. We were able to witness the miracle for ourselves. Recalling how the child struggled to answer even the simplest questions when we began tutoring him, we could not help but smile, and we swelled with pride as he correctly answered the difficult question.

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