Minstrel in Distress
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Name: Minstrel in Distress
Japanese Name: 悩める旅芸人 [nayameru tabigeinin] or 'worrying itinerant entertainer'
Availability: after the start of Chapter III
Success Degrees:1 99+ total work points for Great Success, 59-98 points for Success, 0-59 points for Failure
Starting City: Eagrose
Cost: 50 gil

Dispatch Members: 1-3
Dispatch Days: 13-16
Recommended Job: Chemist
Skill Save Job:2 Thief

Base JP Reward: 40 (x1 for Great Success, /10 for Success, /20 for Failure)
Base Gil Reward: 150 (x1 for Great Success, /5 for Success, /20 for Failure)
Bonus Reward Tier 1:3 (50% chance) 10 JP, 400 gil, gil bag
Bonus Reward Tier 2: (40% chance) 30 JP, 600 gil, gil bag
Bonus Reward Tier 3: (10% chance) 40 JP, 2,000 gil, gil bag

Total JP Reward:4 Overtime Multiplier5 x (Base JP + Character's Work Points + Bonus JP)
Total Gil Reward: Overtime Multiplier x (Base Gil + All Characters' Work Points) + Bonus Gil)
Feat Title:6 Revived talent

Bravery Work Points: 20 WP for 3-20 BRV, 15 WP for 21-40 BRV, 10 WP for 41-60 BRV, 8 WP for 61-80 BRV, 5 WP for 81-94 BRV
Faith Work Points: 20 WP for 81-94 FTH, 15 WP for 61-80 FTH, 10 WP for 41-60 FTH, 8 WP for 21-40 FTH, 5 WP for 3-20 FTH
Level Work Points: 20 WP for lv61-70, 15 WP for lv71-80, 10 WP for lv1-50 or 81-90, 8 WP for 91-100
Job Work Points: 25 WP for Chemist, 20 WP for Orator, 18 WP for Squire, 15 WP for White Mage, Black Mage, Time Mage, Summoner, Thief, Arithmetician, Bard, Dancer, 12 WP for Mystic, Samurai, 10 WP for Geomancer, Ninja, Mime, 5 WP for Archer, Dark Knight, Onion Knight, 2 WP for Knight, Monk, Dragoon



Mameco, a wandering minstrel, has returned to the stage. Since winning a talent contest several years ago, his unique act had been the favorite of local audiences. However, an extended slump had rendered him unable to perform. We spoke with him at length, and though we are unsure if our off-the-cuff suggestion for a new hairstyle made the difference, Mameco seems in better spirits.

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