Trick of the Light
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Name: Trick of the Light
Japanese Name: おらぁ見ただよ。 [oraa mita da yo.] or 'I saw it.'
Availability: after the Orbonne Monastery events of Chapter III
Success Degrees:1 99+ total work points for Great Success, 59-98 points for Success, 0-59 points for Failure
Starting City: Lionel
Cost: 1,050 gil

Dispatch Members: 1-3
Dispatch Days: 14-15
Recommended Job: Archer
Skill Save Job:2 -

Base JP Reward: 30 (x1 for Great Success, /10 for Success, /20 for Failure)
Base Gil Reward: 150 (x1 for Great Success, /5 for Success, /20 for Failure)
Bonus Reward Tier 1:3 (50% chance) 20 JP, 4,500 gil, 1 random Wonder
Bonus Reward Tier 2: (40% chance) 20 JP, 4,500 gil, 1 random Wonder
Bonus Reward Tier 3: (10% chance) 20 JP, 34,500 gil, 1 random Wonder

Total JP Reward:4 Overtime Multiplier5 x (Base JP + Character's Work Points + Bonus JP)
Total Gil Reward: Overtime Multiplier x (Base Gil + All Characters' Work Points) + Bonus Gil)
Feat Title:6 Beyond the Pass

Bravery Work Points: 20 WP
Faith Work Points: 20 WP
Level Work Points: 20 WP for lv51-60, 15 WP for lv41-50, 10 WP for lv31-40 or lv61-100, 8 WP for lv21-30, 5 WP for lv1-20
Job Work Points: 25 WP for Archer, 20 WP for Black Mage, Geomancer, Mime, 18 WP for Squire, 15 WP for Knight, Thief, Mystic, Dragoon, Arithmetician, Dancer, 10 WP for Chemist, Monk, White Mage, Time Mage, Summoner, Orator, Ninja, Bard, Dark Knight, Onion Knight, 2 WP for Samurai



After hearing the old farmer's account, we made our way to Dugeura Pass. There we witnessed an unusual local ceremony, in which they danced around an elemental. We later learned that it was a sacrificial ceremony in ancient times, performed today as part of a festival. Although unrelated to the ruins we found beyond the pass, it was an interesting sight nevertheless.

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