A Purchase of Arms

Find the traveling merchant Alexius in Jugner Forest and place an order for some weapons.


How to begin: Helbort / Souther San d'Oria K-7
Repeatable: No
Quest Type: Quest
Areas: San d'Oria, Jugner Forest

Last Quest: Father and Son
Next Quest: -

Requirements to sign up: San d'Oria fame 2, Father and Son complete
Required items: Weapons Order, Weapons Receipt key items
Reward: Elm Staff, title: Arms Trader


Talking to Helbort will activate the quest and net you the Weapons Order. After this, head to Jugner Forest - quickest way is by taking the Norvallen outpost teleportation, the second quickest taking a chocobo through La Theine. The person you must find is Alexius at I-6.
Talking to Alexius will net you the Weapons Receipt. After that, all that remains is to go back to Southern San d'Oria to talk to Helbort for your reward.


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