A Squire's Test

Obtain a revival tree root from King Ranperre's Tomb.


How to begin: Balasiel / Southern San d'Oria F-7
Repeatable: No
Quest Type: Fetch quest
Areas: Ronfaure, King Ranperre's Tomb

Last Quest: -
Next Quest: A Squire's Test II

Requirements to sign up: level 7, San d'Oria fame 1
Required items: Revival Tree Root
Reward: title: Knight in Training, Spatha


What could be considered the first portion of this quest is to find Balasiel. He's located on a bridge over an inner yard in the western portions of Southern San d'Oria. To get there you must climb stairs within the walls of the city. The closest entrance to within the walls are the wooden ones right close to the southern entrance to the yard. From that entrance he should be easy enough to find.

Balasiel asks you to bring him a Revival Tree Root. While this item is dropped by many low-level undead type mobs (including hounds in Ronfaure and some ghosts in Ranperre's Tomb), all the mobs that drop it are very rare. You'll get through the quest easiest by buying your root from the Auction House.
Should you have the root in your possession already when talking to him for the first time, it can be traded to him directly to complete the quest.



Not enough levels to get the quest.
Balasiel: Take up a sword, my friend. I'll talk to you when you do, and no sooner.

Getting the quest.
Balasiel: Friend, listen to me. It is not cogs nor levers nor even the mightiest of magics that protect this kingdom of San d'Oria. No! We Elvaan live by the power of the sword alone. Our blades defend our borders. If you would strengthen your sword arm and learn something of the art, then accept my challenge. What say you? Accept his challenge?

Balasiel: As you wish. Come back when you've grown a spine.

Balasiel: Ah, I see you have a stout heart. Now listen well! Go to King Ranperre's Tomb and bring back Revival Tree Root. How, you ask? Use your head. Now begone!


Trade him the root.
Balasiel: Ah, I see I was right about you. You've proved your mettle today. Further tempering may forge you into a hero among adventurers.

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