Bat Hunt

Exterminate bats from King Ranperre's Tomb, and bring back proof of your deeds.


Name: San d'Oria 1-2 - Bat Hunt
How to begin: talk to any San d'Orian gate guard
Repeatable: Yes
Mission Type: fetch quest
Areas: King Ranperre's Tomb

Last mission: Smash the Orcish Scouts
Next mission: Save the Children
Rewatch CS: Goblin Footprint / Ranperre's Tomb G-5

Requirements to sign up: Smash the Orcish Scouts complete
Required items: Orcish Scale Mails OR Bat Fang
Reward: rank points


Ding Bats

Level: 2-5
Drops: Bat Wing, Orcish Mail Scales
Location: above-ground areas in the Tomb

At the level when you can reach the tombstone for your cutscene, Ding Bats should provide no problem. However, do note that they only appear at night-time.


After signing up for the mission, head through East Ronfaure to H-11 where the entrance to King Ranperre's Tomb is located. It appears as an arced doorway in the middle of a stone wall. Your first order of business is to 'investigate the tomb' - that is, head through the underground portions to I-10, where the tombstone is located. Note that the tombstone is in the middle of a maze not marked on the map, so you might want to check one beforehands.
Examining the tombstone should result in a cutscene.

To get proof that you have investigated the Tomb, you must then kill Ding Bats until the drop orcish mail scales. Note that you can do this step before watching the cutscene should you encounter any bats on your way, and indeed it is advisable to kill any bats you see once you enter the Tomb. This is because the bats only appear during night-time.
Once you have obtained your scales, return to San d'Oria to trade it to any gate guard to complete the mission.

On repeats of this mission you will not have to view the cutscene, and will have to trade a bat fang instead of the orcish mail scales. Bat fangs can be bought at the AH.


Mission Orders

Gate Guard: Have you ever set foot into King Ranperre's Tomb?
Two hundred years ago, the curtain fell on the golden age of San d'Oria. Civil war erupted over the kingdom's hegemony.
King Ranperre was there to extinguish the conflict. When he died he was interred in a great tomb south of East Ronfaure.
But unknown hands have defiled his grave of late.
Visitors report missing gravestones and shadows twisting in the caverns. Ravaging a royal tomb is an unforgivable crime!
Your orders are to investigate the tomb and determine if there is any truth to what they say. Do you understand?

>I accept

Gate Guard: I implore you to make haste to King Ranperre's Tomb. You may find proof of grave-robbers there.
But wander too deeply within, and Goblins might find you. Tread boldly, my friend, but do not go in over your head!

At the Tombstone

Player character is approaching the tombstone, when they hear someone approaching. They go hide behind the tombstone to avoid detection.

Rochefogne: Hm…
King Ranperre… It is I, Rochefogne. Does Your Majesty not remember me?
Often in youth did I hear stories of Your Majesty's glorious reign. I longed to grow into a man like the great Dragon King, Ranperre.
Try though I did, I have failed. I have lost everything, even the most sacred of possessions.
Your Majesty, please tell me. Whence has the sword disappeared? Did you dismiss it?

Rochefogne notices the player character, and they step out.

Rochefogne: Who is there!?
Just an adventurer, are you? In search of tomb-robbers?
Yes, of late many of the cairns are missing.
Who could it be, and for what end? Wait, could the sword be here?

Vauderame appears at the scene.

Vauderame: Say not another word, Rochefogne!
Adventurer, look no further than bats for your proof of tomb-robbing. Whoever came left much before departing.
Come, Rochefogne. We go.

The two mysterious Elvaan leave the scene.

Upon Completion

Gate Guard: So, you got this from bats in King Ranperre's Tomb?
You see, this actually belonged to an Orc. What could Orcs want with the tomb?
At any rate, your mission is over. Speak not a word of this to another.

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