Delivering a strange envelope to Monarlais Halver gets you sent on a mission to retrieve castle floor plans from Orcs in Ghelsba.


How to begin: Talk to Dauperiat / Northern San d'Oria I-10
Repeatable: Yes
Quest Type: Fetch quest
Areas: San d'Oria, Fort Ghelsba/Yughott Grotto

Last Quest: -
Next Quest: The Setting Sun

Requirements to sign up: rank 3 in home nation
Required items: Castle Floor Plans, Suspicious Envelope
Reward: 900 gil


Be careful while hunting for Serjeants in lower levels, as Serjeants both aggro and link sight. Note that the BLM orcs in the areas drop the item for the repeatable quest Warding Vampires.

Orcish Serjeant

Level: 21-23
Drops: Castle Floor Plans, Ghelsba chest key, gil, others
Location: Serjeants wander all around in both Fort Ghelsba and Yughott Grotto

The drop rate for the Castle Floor Plans isn't the greatest, so it might take time to drop if you're not on THF. If you do come on THF, it's possible to also steal Silver Beastcoins from them, netting you a good profit while at it.


Talking to Dauperiat will start you the quest and net you the Suspicious Envelope. You must deliver it to Halver in the Chateau's entrance hall. After this, return to Dauperiat.
You will be given the option to agree or refuse to retrieve the Castle Floor Plans. Note that if you at this point haven't started the quest The Setting Sun and agree to get the item for him, you will never be able to start the quest. What you should do is refuse the first time he asks, and sign up for The Setting Sun, before returning to Dauperiat and agreeing to his request. Note that you must zone for the option to become available.
To complete the quest, trade Dauperiat the Castle Floor Plans once you have accepted his request. You can repeat the quest at any time by zoning and talking to him again.


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