Exit the Gambler

Varchet of the Carpenters' Guild has run off again. Find the slacker and get him back to work.


How to begin: Aurege / Northern San d'Oria F-3
Repeatable: No
Quest Type: Quest
Areas: San d'Oria

Last Quest: -
Next Quest: -

Requirements to sign up: San d'Oria fame 1
Required items: 5+ gil
Reward: Map of King Ranperre's Tomb, title: Daybreak Gambler


After talking to Aurege to sign up for the quest, you can talk to the Carpenters' Guild members outside the guild for some hints on Varchet's location. Varchet himself is located in Southern San d'Oria L-6, in front of the Lion Spring Tavern. To make him get back to work, you must win a gamble against him. Each gamble costs 5 gil, and winning will net you 10 gil.
To complete the quest, head back to Northern San d'Oria and talk to Aurege again.


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Category: Quests


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