Hunt the Quadav in the Palborough Mines and collect the four parts of a Quadav fetich.


Name: Bastok 1-3 - Fetichism
How to begin: talk to any gate guard
Repeatable: Yes
Mission Type: fetch quest
Areas: Konschtat Highlands, Palborough Mines

Last mission: A Geological Survey
Next mission: The Crystal Line
Rewatch CS: Lamepaue / Bastok Markets I-8

Requirements to sign up: A Geological Survey complete
Required items: Fetich Head, Fetich Arms, Fetich Torso, Fetich Legs
Reward: rank 2, 1,000 gil


Note that other Quadavs than the ones listed can drop the Fetich parts. All Quadavs listed are aggressive to sight and sound, and link when appropriate. Note that the sight range of a Quadav seems to be considerably less than that of other beastmen.

Amber Quadav

Level: 3-10
Drops: Fetich Head/Arms/Torso/Legs, others
Location: Palborough Mines

Note that Amber Quadav is a BLM build, and as such a lot quicker to kill than some other Quadav types. They do, however, cast such spells as Poison.

Greater Quadav

Level: 10-18
Drops: Fetich Head/Arms/Torso/Legs, others
Location: Konschtat Highlands, Palborough Mines

The Greater Quadav is a DRK build, and act accordingly.

Onyx Quadav

Level: 10-18
Drops: Fetich Head/Arms/Torso/Legs, others
Location: Konschtat Highlands, Palborough Mines

The Onyx Quadav is a RDM Quadav build, and as one of the mage types might be easier to kill than some other types.

Veteran Quadav

Level: 10-18
Drops: Fetich Head/Arms/Torso/Legs, others
Location: Konschtat Highlands, Palborough Mines

As a PLD build, the Veteran Quadavs might be a bit harder to kill than some other types. At lower levels, be prepared for longer fights against these ones.


Once you have signed up for the mission, head on out. It is of course up to your discretion where to kill Quadavs, but Palborough Mines has a dense population of them with bearable drop rates. To get into Palborough, zone into North Gustaberg from Port Bastok and head north to K-3 where the entrance is. Another viable option for Quadavs that drop the require items is Konschtat Highlands, although the Quadav population there is less. To get to Konschtat, head to North Gustaberg through South Gustaberg, you can get to Konschtat through D/E-6.

Should you not feel like hunting down the drops yourself, all the Fetich parts can be bought from the Auction House. They can be found under Misc > Beast-made, and generally do not cost very much.

To complete the mission, head back to Bastok and trade all four Fetich parts together to a gate guard.


Note that the details of the completion cutscene differ depending on where it happens.

Completion: Markets

Cleades: Good, you've brought all four parts of the doll.
Dalzakk: We have completed our mission as well.
Cleades: Oh, if it isn't Dalzakk. I see that you've made it home safely.
Dalzakk: Did anything strange happen in the Mines District while I was away? I have a bad feeling about that place.
Cleades: It's nothing official, but I did hear from a guard there that…

Gwill and Michea arrive.

Gwill: Mister Dalzakk! Werei has… Werei has…
Dalzakk: Werei has what, Gwill?
Michea: It seems as if Werei has left on his journey of rebirth.
Dalzakk: I see. We all knew this day would come eventually, but the Galka in the Mines District will still be sorrowful…
Gwill: What should we do, Mister Dalzakk?
Dalzakk: Keep calm, Gwill. You cannot live your life always depending on others.
Dalzakk: However, we are all worried. I will make preparations to set out again and investigate Werei's disappearance.

Completion: Mines

Gate Guard: Good, you've brought all four parts of the doll.

Iron Eater arrives.

Iron Eater: Welcome back. How was your battle with the Quadav?
Rashid: S-sir Iron Eater! What brings you to this area?
Iron Eater: So, what is the situation with the Mines district?
Rashid: Sir! Nothing out of the ordinary, sir!
Iron Eater: Spare me the textbook answers. That is not what I asked. You know what I speak of… The disappearance of Werei.
Rashid: Yes sir! I have heard that he was your mentor, and that he has undertaken his journey of rebirth… My condolences, S-
It is said that he took his life while on his journey of rebirth…
Iron Eater: I did not come here to be told what I already know! I am concerned with the fear of the residents along Ore street!
Rashid: Yes sir! My apologies, sir! We will double our efforts to gather any information.
Iron Eater: …Understood. I apologize for my temper.
Rashid: For someone once known as the immovable rock, it is unusual to see him so angered…
Once a Galka, always a Galka. I guess they have a bond we Humes will never understand.

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