Forest for the Trees

The overworked Ramua asks for your aid in collecting timber sample for a guild survey that she's been too busy to conduct herself.


How to begin: talk to Ramua (Northern San d'Oria E-3)
Repeatable: No
Quest Type: Fetch quest
Areas: Jugner Forest

Last Quest: -
Next Quest: -

Requirements to sign up: join Carpenters' Guild
Required items: Hatchet, Arrowwood Log, Ash Log, Walnut Log, Willow Log, Yew Log
Reward: Trainee Axe


Talking to Ramua will activate the quest and give you one Hatchet and the Timber Survey Checklist, listing the logs you're looking for. Note that the checklist doesn't keep track of your progress, so you'll have to remember yourself.
It's best to buy some more hatchets before heading out to Jugner. Once there, you must log all five different types of logs - note that buying them will not work. Successfully logging one of the needed items for the first time will result in a message.
Return to Ramua and trade her the logs when done for your reward. You get to keep the logs after.


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