Healing the Land

Spirits of the dead in the Gusgen Mines blow an evil wind upon the land. Take a seal of banishing to a shack in the deepest tunnel within.


How to begin: talk to Eperdur in Northern San d'Oria M-7
Repeatable: No
Quest Type: Quest
Areas: Gusgen Mines

Last Quest: -
Next Quest: Sorcery of the North

Requirements to sign up: Level 10, San d'Oria fame 4
Required items: Seal of Banishing
Reward: title: Pilgrim to Holla, Teleport-Holla


Talking to Eperdur will net you the Seal of Banishing. He tells you it must be taken to a particular location in Gusgen Mines. Note that once there, you will be needing some form of Sneak and Invisible if your level is lower than 50. There will also be enemies that aggro magic in some portions, although these can be avoided with some forethought. You will also be needing some form of a magical means to get out of the mines, either Warp or a tele-spell.

Once within the mines (you can get there through Konschtat Highlands), head straight forward until H-6. There you will find a set of three levers, you must pull the center one and head directly ahead once more to H-6. But this time, you must take the left-most lever and entrance. Now hug the left wall until you come to a circular room with a hole in the ground. Before dropping down, make sure you have a fresh set of Sneak and Ivisible.
The ??? you're looking for is located very close to where you drop down to, on the back of a shoddy shed. You must drop Invisible to examine it, so be careful. Warp straight out afterwards if your level is too low to handle the mobs in the area.
To complete the quest, head back to San d'Oria and talk to Eperdur.


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