Infiltrate Davoi

The scout in Davoi needs the help of an adventurer.


Name: San d'Oria 3-1 - Infiltrate Davoi
How to begin: talk to any gate guard
Repeatable: Yes
Mission Type: quest
Areas: Chateau d'Oraguille, Davoi

Last mission: Journey Abroad
Next mission: The Crystal Spring
Rewatch CS: Chaloutte / Chateau d'Oraguille I-9
Goblin Footprint / Davoi J-7

Requirements to sign up: Journey Abroad complete
Required items: Royal Knights' Davoi Report
Reward: rank points


After signing up for the mission, head to Chateau d'Oraguille for your mission briefing. You must talk with Prince Trion, who you can find in his room. After that, head to Davoi H-7. It is easily reachable with hardly any mobs on the way, just head right from the entrance, and take the left fork at the 3-way intersection you come across. The scout Quemaricond you must find is right beyond.
Note that while the mobs on your approach should be EP, the mobs on the other side of the bridge are higher-level. You might want to wait for Quemaricond to approach you instead of going to meet him. Talking to him will net you the Royal Knights' Davoi Report.
To complete the mission, head back to San d'Oria and Prince Trion.

Repeats of this mission are different. Upon signing up, head directly to Davoi, and talk to the Temple Knight Zantaviat right next to the entrance. Zantaviat will tell you to find three block codes, these are found at L-8, K-7 and J-7. The point you must examine is a ! type.
To complete the mission, head back to San d'Oria and talk to any gate guard.


Meeting the Prince

Player character walks into Prince Trion's chambers.

Trion: <Playername>! Many are those who speak of your triumphs in the name of San d'Oria!
And much have I heard of your journeys abroad, and how you fought nether beasts in the lair of the enemy.
So the return of the Shadow Lord is at hand. Perhaps never will the hand of evil be banished from this world.
But always will the righteous stand up to face it. Am I not right, <Playername>?
The Royal Knights have but a single purpose: to exterminate the Orcs who ravage our lands!
We have sent scouts already to the Orcish stronghold of Davoi.
They are to report on the Orcs' numbers, map the territory, and find their lines of supply. Once such knowledge is ours, we shall strike.
But, the scouts' report has not yet arrived! What could this mean?
What? The Temple Knights have also sent scouts to Davoi? On whose orders?

Player character explains.

Trion: Pieuje. I knew it! What madness has made him do this?
But, we must not be dismayed. <Playername>, I want you to head to Davoi straight away. Seek the Royal Knight Quemaricond and take his Royal Knights' Davoi report. Now, make haste!

Entering Davoi

Rochefogne and Vauderame are just about to leave Davoi.

Vauderame: I see… It was just a waste of time.
Rochefogne: I assumed that because the Orcs, too, were searching for something that…
Vauderame: Well, no matter. The fact is, there is someone else who is looking for the sword. And, either they have got to it first or…
Rochefogne: …I must inquire with my sister.
At her coming-of-age, she learned all there was to know of that sword from our father.
Vauderame: …nuisance…
Rochefogne: Will you lend me a hand, Vauderame? I know my sister has left something for me, and I intend to find it.

Return to San d'Oria

At Prince Trion's chambers.

Trion: You're back! Quick, show me the Royal Knights' Davoi report.

He reads it.

Trion: What a report! We must send troops immediately!
No, but wait… This matter requires more than Royal Knights… Confound it! We need Temple Knights as well!

Trion walks to the door and calls for the guard outside.

Trion: Perfaumand! Where are Pieuje and Curilla?
Perfaumand: Your Highness, Lady Curilla is in the quarters of the Temple Knights. As for Prince Pieuje…

The screen blacks out.

Trion: <Playername>, your mission is over. Thank you!

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