Mirror, Mirror

Luto has recently discovered that another mirror bearing strange properties exists in the world. It is supposedly somewhere in San d'Oria and she wants you to go look for it.


How to begin: Talk to Luto Mewrilah in Upper Jeuno G-8
Repeatable: Yes
Mission Type: NM fight
Areas: Jeuno, Port San d'Oria, Ghelsba Outpost

Last quest: Girl in the Looking Glass
Next quest: Past Reflections, Picture Perfect

Requirements to sign up: completed Girl in the Looking Glass
Required items: -
Reward: :Signal Pearl, title: Destined Fellow


Carrion Dragon

Level: ?
Drops: -
Location: Ghelsba Outpost G-9 / Hut Door

The fight is capped at level 40, and will allow in three people at maximum. However, the Fellow of each participating player will appear when the dragon is around 80% health. Note that it is not possible to enter the battle unless you currently have this quest active.

The Carrion Dragon should be an easy enough fight, and is soloable by most jobs level 31+, although some may experience difficulty until 35+. It has some 1,000 HP, and is capable of paralyzing with Heavy Stomp and petrifying with Petro Eyes (gaze-type attack so easily avoided).


If you are starting this quest right after the previous one, you must zone before Luto will give you the cutscene to start this quest. When she does, she will instruct you and your Fellow to search for a mirror. Head to Port San d'Oria H-9 and talk to Portaure there. He will tell you that orcs have the package.
Prepare for a fight and head out to Ghelsba Outpost. There, at G-9, you will find a Hut Door that will take you to the fight.
Once you've done with your fight, simply return to Luto Mewrilah to complete the quest.


The News

Luto: <Playername>! Nice timing. We've just got a lead on a new piece of trrreasure.
This new valuable is one of the mirrors we're searching for, but we're having trrrouble pinning down its location.
I've called on <Fellowname> to help us. And speaking of which…

Fellow appears

Luto: I have a favorrr to ask you. Can you use your Glass of All-Seeing to locate the treasure we seek?
<Fellowname>: Of course! Leave it to me!
I'm getting the sense that it's somewhere near San d'Oria! I can't tell you any more than that though…
Luto: Well, that certainly is vague. Does this mean that someone is carrying it around?
To tell the truth, the mirror we seek is somewhat…dangerous. This fact has prevented us from going after it on our own.
But now we have a brrrave adventurer in our rrranks, right? Time for you to show your spirrrit.
The open road awaits!

Cursed Mirror

Portaure: Once you've lost something, it's gone for good, huh? Not my lucky day…
My precious cargo… It was being transported to Jeuno when it was stolen.
This is just between you and me, you understand? My cargo was a treasure from the Near East surrounded by rumors of ill fate. But my greed blinded me to the dangers.

Your Fellow appears.

<Fellowname>: Did your treasure look like this mirror!?
Portaure: Yes, it's definitely very similar… You haven't experienced any…problems…carrying it around?
<Fellowname>: No, not at all. Why do you ask?
Portaure: It's just that the mirror I was dealing with had decorative markings much the same as the one you hold.
It was rumored to have the power to make a person lose himself to rage.
In any case, Ghelsba Orcs attacked the courier before he got anywhere near Jeuno.
This deal is in complete shambles. And that hellspawned mirror is to blame.
I should know better than to dabble in powers I don't understand…
Consider yourselves warned.

The Dragon

An Orc is walking around. A seal appears and a dragon rises from it and defeats the Orc. The Orc is shown as having the mirror.

After a brief fight with the dragon, your Fellow appears and attacks the dragon.

<Fellowname>: <Playername>! Are you okay!?
The mirror was feeding power to the beast…

After defeating the dragon.

<Fellowname>: I smashed the mirror without thinking. Now what do we do with it, <Playername>?

Choosing option to take it to Luto.

<Fellowname>: Of course! Luto would know what to do!
You know, this mirror really does look similar to the Glass of All-Seeing…

Reporting In

Luto: Welcome back. How did everything go?
Can I assume from the look on your face that you found the mirror?
Well, aren't you going to show it to me?

Player and Fellow explain the situation.

Luto: It's cracked!? You can't be serrrious!
If it was to save <Playername>'s life, I suppose you had no choice…
I asked you to trrrack down the mirror, even though there were dangers involved. I'm in no position to crrriticize.
You say it was feeding power to the drrragon? What a dreadful object.
It is beautiful though…
Mirrors have always held a fascination for me, you see.
It's satisfying just to know that the trrreasure I was searching for actually existed.
But even with these cracks, we must treat the mirror with caution. Who knows what other secrrrets it may hide?
I'll look after it for the time being.
<Fellowname>: Thanks, Luto! …Hm?

The mirror glistens.

<Fellowname>: The Glass of All-Seeing is showing <Playername>'s face…
Have I been led to <Playername>…?
I knew there was something about you! You should have this!
It's a signal pearl. You can use this to contact me at any time.
We should also decide on a rendezvous point for times when we need to speak directly.
Hmm… Considering we'll need a place to meet in each nation, how about Ru'Lude Gardens, Northern San d'Oria, Port Bastok and Windurst Waters?
Looking forward to hearing from you, <Playername>!
Luto: I love to see new friendships forrrming. I'm getting kind of misty here…
Don't forget to help out your old pal Luto from time to time!
<Fellowname>: But of course! Let us know if you need anything!
Luto: Grrreat, I'm counting on you!
There's always more trrreasure to be found!

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