Save the Children

Rescue the children held captive in the Orcish camp in Ghelsba Outpost.


Name: San d'Oria 1-3 - Save the Children
How to begin: talk to any gate guard
Repeatable: Yes
Mission Type: NM fight
Areas: San d'Orian Cathedral, Ghelsba Outpost

Last mission: Bat Hunt
Next mission: The Rescue Drill
Rewatch CS: Jufaue / Northern San d'Oria J-10
Goblin Footprint / Ghelsba Outpost J-10

Requirements to sign up: Bat Hunt complete
Required items: Orcish Hut Key
Reward: rank 2, 1,000 gil, title: Fodderchief Flayer


Note that the three enemies listed below are all NMs that you must fight at the same time. The Burning Circle accepts a full alliance of current or former San d'Orians, although most jobs should be able to solo the fight around level 10.
The BC is capped at level 75.

Fodderchief Vokdek

Level: 8
Drops: -
Location: Ghelsba Outpost / hut BC Save the Children

Vokdek is the leader of the three orcs, and the only close-range fighter, being a WAR. Generally, you will want to defeat him first, as the other two orcs are rangers and with any luck cannot harm you much. He has around 300 HP.

Strongarm Zodvad

Level: 6
Drops: -
Location: Ghelsba Outpost / hut BC Save the Children

Zodvad is one of the two rangers spawned alongside Vokdek. He has around 150 HP.

Sureshot Snatgat

Level: 6
Drops: -
Location: Ghelsba Outpost / hut BC Save the Children

Snatgat is one of the two rangers spawned alongside Vokdek. He has around 150 HP.


After accepting the mission from a gate guard, you must head to Cathedral located in Northern San d'Oria, and talk to the priest Arnau. After watching the cutscene, head to Ghelsba Outpost G-10. There will be a hut located there. Note that the area in front of the hut is wide open and full of orcs. These orcs should not pose much of a problem to a level 10, even if one or two should gang up on you.
Clicking on the hut's door will take you to a Burning Circle with three orc NMs. Defeat these NMs to obtain the Orcish Hut Key. After obtaining the key, clicking on the hut's door again will result in a cutscene. After this cutscene, you can return to San d'Oria, where talking to a gate guard will complete the mission.
There is an optional cutscene with Arnau should you wish to see it. It can be activated after seeing the cutscene completing the actual mission.

In repeats of this mission, you do not need to view the first CS with Arnau to be able to access the BC.


Mission Briefing

Arnau: Oh, an adventurer. If you are here for the sermon on the Gates of Paradise, beseech the friar standing at the narthex.
You say you come on behalf of the Temple Knights? And you want to know about Tedimout?
Why, may Altana bless thee! Yes Tedimout was a friar in training.
Oft would he enter the woods of Ronfaure, in search of wild herbs for making of tea and medicines.
Ever did I warn him against going alone, for the trees can hide predators…and worse!
He claimed that the blue robes of the clergy would protect him.
But it seems his faith was ill-placed. I fear that Orcs took him!
The horror he must be facing now… Each morning and night I pray to Goddess of the Dawn to deliver him from their clutches!

Two people arrive at the scene.

Arnau: Why, Prince Pieuje! And, Papsque Shamonde!
Pieuje: Vicasque Arnau, I've come to talk to you about the missing acolyte. It seems his disappearance may not have been the Orcs' doing after all.
Shamonde: That is correct, Your Highness. I hear that Tedimout sometimes went into forest to look for herbs.
Lets us not jump to conclusions. Perhaps Tedimout set out on his own…for an extended hike, for example! Temple Knights are sent out only in special cases. First we must know more!
Pieuje: You speak the truth, Your Holiness. The citadel cannot be emptied of Temple Knights for so uncertain a cause.
Arnau: I understand, of course. However… If it were true that Tedimout did happen to be kidnapped by Orcs, surely we could not simply let him die?
Pieuje: No, of course not. I have decided to send an adventurer. If he finds that Orcs do hold the boy, then the Temple Knights will be there to claim him.
Arnau: I understand, Your Highness. I am very thankful.

Prince Pieuje turns to the player character.

Pieuje: By the way, who have you been talking with?
Arnau: Your Highness, <Playername> is here on errand from the knight at the gatehouse. He/She came to ask about Tedimout.
Pieuje: Well, that's perfect. I shall order you to undertake this mission.
Infiltrate Ghelsba, and determine whether they hold this Tedimout captive. I've heard they keep prisoners in a small hut somewhere.
Once you know, notify a Temple Knight. Now, go!

The Fight

Vokdek appears on top of a big boulder.

Fodderchief Vokdek: Smells like people… People! Get them! Throw into sheep hut!!!

After the player(s) have defeated the Orcs.

Fodderchief Vokdek: You think you won!?
Your time soon end!
Your days is numbered! Me say so!

Vokdek escapes and drops the Orcish Hut Key.

Royal Knights

When the player unlocks the door, Prince Trion and two Royal Knights appear.

Trion: Wait!
You are the adventurer that Pieuje sent, are you not?
Bravely have you fought against Orcs. Well done!
On behalf of my spineless brother, I thank you.
He had not the strength to save one boy, and so sent an adventurer in his stead.
Indeed he is dirt upon the name of House d'Oraguille.
Well, enough blather. Lets us save the boy. Open the door!

After the door is open, Prince Trion enters.

Trion: Is anyone here?

Tedimout appears.

Tedimout: Why, Your Highness!
Trion: You are Tedimout? From the cathedral?
Tedimout: Yes, it's me! Truly I am grateful you came, Your Highness!
Trion: I am relieved he seems well. I will bring the boy back to San d'Oria.
You have my thanks, adventurer. I will inform the guards of your deeds. Now, let us be off!

Upon Completion

Gate Guard: Prince Trion just informed me of your handiwork. You've done beautifully.
Due to your exemplary contribution, <Playername>, San d'Oria hereby recognizes you as an adventurer of rank two.
But do not let it go to your head. This certificate is valid only in San d'Oria.
Work hard and better things will come, my friend. Someday your name will be know to our allies as well.
Oh, and one more thing. the vicasque of the cathedral said he wants to thank you on behalf of the boy.

Thanks of the Church

Arnau: You have my eternal thanks for saving Tedimout!
Tedimout: Thank you, <Playername>!
Arnau: All I can do is pray for adventurers. Please, let me pray for you, too.
May light shine upon thy path, and may the Gates of Paradise open to you!

Up on the balcony overlooking the altar, Papsque Shamonde watches the scene below.

Shamonde: So, Tedimout has returned… Confound that meddling adventurer!

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