Son and Father

A child stands crying by San d'Oria Eastgate. Find his father for him.


How to begin: Exoroche / Southern San d'Oria (S) K-9
Repeatable: No
Quest Type: Quest
Areas: San d'Oria (S), San d'Oria, Jugner Forest (S)

Last Quest: Father and Son
Next Quest: -

Requirements to sign up: Father and Son complete
Required items: Bronze Sword
Reward: Trainee's Spectacles


Talking to Exoroche in the past will start the quest. After this, you may return to Exoroche and his son Ailbeche of the present for optional bits of information. Whether you choose to do so or not, the next step is to head to G-5 in Jugner Forest (S) and talk to Landeric. After this, it's back to Exoroche of the past again. This cutscene will net you a Bronze Sword. For another non-optional cutscene, trade him back the sword.

The next step of the quest has you returning to Jugner Forest (S) and Landeric. Trade him the swords from the last step. This will give you some dialog options. The ones you should pick are "Ask about Exoroche", "Not in the slightest!", "His spirit is true" and "Protect his family and kingdom". Should you choose the wrong ones, you will have to start over.

To complete the quest you must return to San d'Oria (S) and talk to Exoroche. However, there is one final cutscene to be had by going back to Exoroche of the present and talking to him while wearing the Trainee's Spectacles.


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