The Crystal Line

Find a section of the strange structure on the Konschtat Highlands that drains the energy from crystals. Bring a faded crystal back to Chief Engineer Cid for analysis.


Name: Bastok 2-1 - The Crystal Line
How to begin: talk to any gate guard
Repeatable: No
Mission Type: quest
Areas: Konschtat Highlands

Last mission: Fetichism
Next mission: Wading Beasts
Rewatch CS: Taulluque / Metalworks I-8

Requirements to sign up: Fetichism complete, enough rank points
Required items: a crystal, Faded Crystal, Crystal Line Report
Reward: rank points


Upon signing up for the mission, you are instructed to go talk to Cid in Metalworks. Cid will give you a crystal and instruct you to head to the Crag of Dem. Should you lose or sell the crystal you obtain from him, you can use any other crystal to complete the mission.
Having talked to Cid, head on to Konschtat Highlands. The Telepoint you must find is at approximately at I/J-6-7, at the northern side of the Crag. Trading a crystal to the Telepoint will net you a Faded Crystal. Return to Bastok to talk to Cid for the next step. He will give you the Crystal Line Report.
The final step of the mission is at Metalworks. You can speak to Naji to see some additional dialogue. To complete the mission, talk to Ayame at K-7.


Upon Completion

Ayame: You have a letter from the Chief Engineer? May I see it?
This is a report on the investigation of the Crystal Line. It is addressed to our captain… This might mean our company is moving out soon.
Thank you for bringing this to me. Your presence is very much appreciated. The Chief is a little busy these days to do such chores himself.
I must ask you one thing, though. Why did you bring this to me, and not Naji? He is also a Mythril Musketeer, and posted closer to the entrance.

>Why did you bring the letter to Ayame?
"Naji didn't look smart enough."

Ayame: Hah hah hah. Well, he is always saying, "I'm a fighter, not a thinker!" The latter, I may have to agree with.
You're very perceptive; I like that in an adventurer. I guess I'll be seeing you around a lot more.

>Why did you bring the letter to Ayame?
"Ayame looked more reliable."

Ayame: Thank you for the compliment. Mythril Musketeers are supposed to be reliable, but I wasn't sure if I could fit the role. Well, at least I do a little bit more than Naji.
You're very perceptive; I like that in an adventurer. I guess I'll be seeing you around a lot more.

>Why did you bring the letter to Ayame?
"Because I felt like it."

Ayame: Oh. Well, no matter. Good work.

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