The Crystal Spring

Catch a crystal bass from Crystwater Spring, located on the eastern edge of Jugner Forest.


Name: San d'Oria 3-2 - The Crystal Spring
How to begin: talk to any gate guard
Repeatable: Yes
Mission Type: fetch quest
Areas: Jugner Forest

Last mission: Infiltrate Davoi
Next mission: Appointment to Jeuno
Rewatch CS: Chaloutte / Chateau d'Oraguille I-9

Requirements to sign up: Infiltrate Davoi, enough rank points
Required items: Crystal Bass
Reward: rank points


This mission can be skipped without any adverse effects, although you will miss part of the story if you do so. However, it isn't required to continue on to mission 3-3.

When you sign up to the mission, the gate guard will require you to bring one Crystal Bass to him. These you can buy off the Auction House (under Food > Fish) or go fish some up yourself.
For fishing up Crystal Bass, you will require a fishing rod and some bait. The rod required to fish up a Crystal Bass is a sturdy one, and without breaking at the location where you can get Crystal Basses you will require a Composite, Halcyon, Mithran or Lu Shang's or the Ebisu Fishing Rod. The bait can be as simple as Little Worms, although these will not get you many bites from Crystal Basses. A Minnow lure is recommended.
Once you have your rod and bait, head out to Jugner Forest, to the Crystalwater Spring located at J-9. This is the only low-level location where you can fish up Crystal Basses.

Once you have your fish, return to San d'Oria and trade it to a gate guard. The gate guard will inform you to visit the Chateau, where you will get a cutscene. To complete the mission, go talk to Chalvatot in the queen's garden, F-7 of the Chateau.

For repeats of the mission, you only have to trade a gate guard your one Crystal Bass.


In the Chateau

Halver: So, you're saying nothing was actually taken?
Curilla: That is right, Lord Halver. I can see ransacking our treasure vaults, but the chambers of Leaute d'Oraguille? What could they have been after?
Halver: The chambers are as they were when the queen passed away. Might she have left something of importance?
Curilla: Her jewelry all went untouched. It is possible that the thieves mistook the queen's chambers for another room.
Halver: Hmm. However, it has come to my attention that a copy of the castle floor plans has been circulating outside the castle.
If the thieves possess these floor plans, then perhaps they have motives other than just stealing treasure.
Curilla: That may be true. But even with a copy of the castle floor plans, it would take a skilled thief indeed to hide from all the guards in the chateau.
And according to the gardener, our visitors were a party of two Elvaans…

Shamonde arrives.

Shamonde: It has come to my attention that thieves have ransacked the queen's chambers. Inform me immediately of what was stolen!
Halver: Please be at ease, Your Holiness. The Temple Knights have determined that the thieves stole nothing from the chateau.
Shamonde: Preposterous! If so, why did the thieves enter in the first place? Maybe the queen had something hidden…
Curilla: Pardon me, Your Holiness, but what do you mean by "something"?
Shamonde: If I knew, I wouldn't be asking you! But thieves would not enter without a purpose!
Halver: Of course, Your Holiness. I will order the Temple Knights to continue their investigation, and have them inform you if they find anything.
Shamonde: I shall be waiting for your report. Hmph! Not even the Goddess Altana will forgive such a crime!

Shamonde leaves, and the player character arrives.

Curilla: Hmm? It seems as if we have a visitor.
You were sent to stop the thieves? Well, as you can see they have escaped.
Considering we know nothing of the thieves, it would be futile to send out a search party.
However, an adventurer such as yourself would have connections in many more places than we.
Inquire with the gardener. He is the only one who saw the thieves. He may tell you something of importance.

Queen's Garden

Chalvatot: Ah, I know you. You're that adventurer <Playername>. You want to know about the thieves that broke into the queen's chambers?
Well, I didn't see anything special. All I saw was two suspicious lookin' Elvaan. When I yelled at 'em, they ran off. That be all.
But I swear I seen me one before… The one with blue armor…

Claidie I d'Oraguille arrives.

Claidie: Chalvatot, what has happened in my mother's chambers?
When I went to give some water to the flowers, I passed by some Temple Guards.
Chalvatot: I am so sorry, Your Highness! Last night, some thieves broke into the late queen's chambers!
And to make matters worse, the scoundrels are still on the loose! Oh, what has become of the once mighty Chateau d'Oraguille?
Claidie: I-I do not know what to say…
I knew something was wrong when I found my mother's diary in a strange place…
Chalvatot: Your Highness? You say you saw something out of the ordinary?
Claidie: Chalvatot, something is amiss… Could you please come to my chambers later?
Farewell, Sir <Playername>. May you find the thieves that disgraced our great kingdom.

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