The Davoi Report

Retrieve the latest scouting report from the Temple Knight scout somewhere in Davoi.


Name: San d'Oria 2-2 - The Davoi Report
How to begin: Talk to any gate guard
Repeatable: Yes
Mission Type: fetch quest
Areas: Davoi

Last mission: The Rescue Drill
Next mission: Journey Abroad
Rewatch CS: Jufaue / Northern San d'Oria J-10

Requirements to sign up: The Rescue Drill complete
Required items: Lost Document, Temple Knights' Davoi Report
Reward: rank points


This mission can be skipped and is not required to sign up for Journey Abroad. After signing up, head to Davoi. The entrance to Davoi is located at Jugner Forest G-12, and you can get to Jugner through La Theine Plateau. Upon entering you will immediately notice a Temple Knight called Zantaviat. You must talk to him to continue.

Zantaviat sends you to retrieve a Lost Document. It can be found at J-8, on the opposite shore of the lake you will see when you enter a bit further into Davoi. Examine the ! point to receive the report. Once you have it, talk to Zantaviat once again to receive the Temple Knights' Davoi Report.

To complete the mission, return to San d'Oria, and head to the Cathedral located in Northern San d'Oria. The second floor of the Cathedral has doors marked Papal Chambers that you must examine.


The Lost Document

Upon entering Davoi.

Zantaviat: A message? Finally! I am Zantaviat of the Temple Knights.
I've been monitoring Orc activity here for several weeks. They grow stronger in numbers by the day.
In our recent investigations, we have observed that Orcs are working towards a single purpose. Prince Pieuje was right all along…
I had prepared a Temple Knights' Davoi Report and given it to one of our officers to deliver…
…but that officer dropped one of the pages while fleeing from an Orc ambush last night.
Now the Orcs have doubled their forces in that area, and we can not easily retrieve the lost page.
According to the officer, he says he dropped the page near a crucifixion mound by that pond you see before us.
With the Orcs forces doubled like this, attacking them head-on would be futile. Sneaking in and retrieving the page unnoticed is the most logical method of carrying out this mission.
According to our man, the page lies somewhere near the platform on the small pond up ahead. Go retrieve it for us.

Upon your return with the document.

Zantaviat: You found the page! Well done. Now the Temple Knights' Davoi Report is complete. Take this to San d'Oria swiftly and deliver it to Prince Pieuje.
There's no time to lose! You must get that report to safety! Deliver it to Prince Pieuje.

The Prince

Pieuje: We can negotiate with the Orcs once we know what they want, but I loathe the prospect of sending Temple Knights to scout.
Shamonde: That hotheaded brother of yours refuses to think pragmatically. Our research through the centuries proves that the Gates of Paradise will soon open forth!
And still his ears are deaf to us! Your Highness, I fear we may fall behind the other nations.
Pieuje: I understand. We must first find what the Orcs know of Paradise's gates.
Bold have they become of late. Some say their arm has reached as far as the Tomb of King Ranperre and Ordelle's Caves.
Hm? Is someone there?

The player character enters the room.

Shamonde: How dare you! Eavesdropping on the papsque as he entertains the prince!
Pieuje: No, it is all right, Your Holiness.
You came to deliver the report, yes? Well, let us see it.
So… The Orcs are searching for something. What it is we cannot say. This requires further delving.
Shamonde: Hmph.
Pieuje: Thank you, <Playername>. I will inform the gatehouse knight that your mission is complete.

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