The Rescue Mission

Participate in the Temple Knights' rescue drill out on La Theine Plateau.


Name: San d'Oria 2-1 - The Rescue Drill
How to begin: Talk to any gate guard
Repeatable: No
Mission Type: quest
Areas: La Theine Plateau, Ordelle's Caves

Last mission: Save the Children
Next mission: The Davoi Report
Rewatch CS: -

Requirements to sign up: Save the Children complete
Required items: Bronze Sword (receive through quest)
Reward: rank points


Once you have signed up to the mission with a gate guard, head out to La Theine Plateau - either through West Ronfaure or by Teleport-Holla. Your job is to find the NPC Galaihaurat at E-6. He is just to the left of the road when approaching from the direction of San d'Oria.
Talking to Equesobillot is next up on the list. He is situated at F-6, on the eastern side of the ravine. To get there, simply head down the slope from Galaihaurat and go around the ravine from the left. After talking to Equesobillot you will be wanting to head down into the ravine, and talk to the Temple Knights there. The names of these Temple Knights are Deaufrain, Vicorpasse, Laurisse and Narvecaint. Note that if you are of a low enough level the poison funguars will aggro sound, and there are many of them in some locations.

After talking to the NPCs mentioned, head on to Ordelle's Caves, the entrance is at the end of the ravine. Follow the left wall to Ruillont at G-3. Ruillont will ask you to retrieve his sword from one of the other Temple Knights participating in the rescue drill. Your task is to go get that sword. Among all the Temple Knights in the ravine, a random one of them will hold it. Talk to them until you obtain the sword, after which you should return it to Ruillont.
To complete the mission, talk to Vicorpasse once again, and then return to a gate guard.


Mission Orders

Gate Guard: There's not much work in right now. I suppose you could go participate in the Temple Knight's rescue drills out in the La Theine Plateau.

>"Tell me more."

Gate Guard: Enter the forest beyond the Westgate and head southwest. You'll come out onto the La Theine Plateau before long.
Once you're out on the plateau, keep going until you see the knights. The training grounds aren't far from there.
That is all. You'll take the mission then?

>"I accept."

Gate Guard: It's all just a drill, so this should be easy compared to your usual fare. Just follow orders and you'll be fine.

The Temple Knights

Galaihaurat: Are you in the rescue drill?
Head to the other side of that valley over there. One of my compatriots will assist you.

Equesobillot: Head down here if you wish to take part in the rescue drill.

Deaufrain: They're conducting drills up ahead… At least, I think they are.

Vicorpasse: Greetings, I'm Vicorpasse, squad captain in the Temple Knights.
We are supposed to be conducting rescue drills, but one of our "injured" soldiers has gone missing. Your assistance is finding him would be appreciated.
The missing soldier is a new recruit by the name of Ruillont. I just hope nothing's happened to him…

Augevinne: One of the "injured" soldiers has gone missing! Well, don't just stand there! Help us search!

Yaucevouchat: Well? Find anything?
Tayula: No, nothing, sir!

Laurisse: Well? Any sign of him?

Narvecaint: Hey!
Hey! Come take a look at this! Quickly!
Look, a cave! Maybe he went in there!

The Failed Wounded

Ruillont: An adventurer, are you? I am Ruillont of the Temple Knights. I came here without my sword, and now fiends have surrounded me.
As the "wounded knight" for our training, I was to lie near the entrance. But a swarm of fiends happened upon me, and I was forced to flee into this cave.
Since I had left my sword with a companion, I had to find a place to hide…and now I'm stuck here.
What? You've come to rescue me?
I must refuse!
Imagine, a knight rescued by some passerby! Why, my family would be mocked for generations to come!
Confound it! If I only had my sword, I'd cut through these fiends single-handedly…

The Sword

When talking with the Temple Knight who has the sword.

Temple Knight: Ruillont's sword? Yes, I was keeping it for him during training.
What, Ruillont's stuck in a cave? How typical of him to refuse your help…
Yes, I believe you; I'm sure it's him. Take this to him in there, would you? We'll keep it between you and me.

Upon returning the sword.

Ruillont: My sword! You've brought me my sword!
This is just what I needed. I thank you, adventurer.
I'll be fine from here on out. Please let my captain know…
I'm going to stay here and observe the caves for a while. Watch out for those fiends, eh!

Upon Completion

Upon talking to Vicorpasse.

Vicorpasse: What? Ruillont's in that cave? And he doesn't want us to send help, eh? That's my boy! He's an elite in the making, that one!
Well, the rescue training was a wash, but you helped us find our lost soldier. I think you've earned this Rescue Training Certificate.
No, really. These drills are naught compared to venturing into one of those caves. Hand that certificate to the knight at the gatehouse, and you'll be done.

Upon your return to San d'Oria.

Gate Guard: You've returned! I hear the drill turned into something far more perilous. But real battle is the best drill for recruits, in my opinion.
Regardless, you've done well. I'll turn to you when there's work to be done, now.

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