The Zeruhn Report

Collect Overseer Makarim's report from the Zeruhn Mines, in the western section of the Bastok Mines District. Deliver said report to Sir Naji, a Musketeer stationed near the President's Office.


Name: Bastok 1-1 - The Zeruhn Report
How to begin: talk to any gate guard
Repeatable: No
Mission Type: quest
Areas: Zeruhn Mines

Last mission: -
Next mission: A Geological Survey
Rewatch CS: Taulluque / Metalworks I-8

Requirements to sign up: -
Required items: Zeruhn Report
Reward: rank points


Upon signing up to the mission, head to the Zeruhn Mines. The entrance is located in Bastok Mines D-7. Once in Zeruhn, head to H-11 where you will find Overseer Makarim. She will give you the Zeruhn Report.
To complete the mission, head to Metalworks J-8 and talk to [[[people:Naji]] ]stationed in front of the President's Office.


Note that the script of this mission differs depending on if you read (or 'opened') the report. The differing portion continues seamlessly after the cutscene.

At Metalworks

Naji: This area is off-limits to…oh, you've brought the report from the Zeruhn Mines.
I'll take that.
This was your first mission, wasn't it? Good work.
Normally, we—

Lucius arrives.

Naji: Sir Lucius! How may I help you?
Lucius: Naji…you mentioned a report?
Naji: Yes, sir! This adventurer just brought the last one. I was going to bring them all to you later, sir.
Lucius: Show it to me.
So…more and more Galka are starting to believe in their Talekeeper's return.
Naji: The Talekeeper, sir? But I thought that was just some Galka myth, sir.
Lucius: If that were only true… I've received reports that the Talekeeper is already back among them.
These reports…keep bringing them to me, Naji. We would not want to bother the president with such trivial matters.
Naji: Yes, sir!

Unopened Report

Lucius: As for you, adventurer, you have done well. Bastok needs more people like you.

Opened Report

Lucius: As for you, I know you have not been in Bastok long, so I will give you some advice.
It is neither customary nor polite to open sealed documents prior to their delivery. Remember that if you wish to stay in Bastok.
Naji: Wow! Not many people get to speak to Sir Lucius after their first mission. He must see something in you. Keep up the good work!

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