Unexpected Treasure

The small teacup found in the cupboard sold at this store appears to have royal origins. The owner would doubtlessly be grateful to have it back.


How to begin: place a Cupboard in your MH and wait
Repeatable: No
Quest Type: Fetch quest
Areas: Mog House, San d'Oria

Last Quest: -
Next Quest: -

Requirements to sign up: San d'Oria fame 4
Required items: Cupboard, Mistletoe, Small Teacup
Reward: 12,000 gil


The Cupboard, as an EX item, can only be obtained by buying it from the furniture store in Northern San d'Oria G-8. Place it in your MH, zone out and back again and talk to your [[Moogle#FF11]]. Note that you might have to be in the physical location of your real MH, not a rent-a-room. The Moogle will give you the key item Small Teacup.

Next, head to Morunaude in the furniture shop at G-8. Talk to him several times, until he mentions Calovour. Now head to the Cathedral and find Calovour in the main room. Calovour will ask for a sprig of Mistletoe.
Mistletoe is a relatively uncommon drop from Treants. The easiest way might be to buy one off the AH, although there are some easily findable low-level Treants in Jugner Forest.
Trade the Mistletoe to Calovour to complete the quest.


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