Waters of the Cheval

Draw water from the Cheval River in East Ronfaure.


How to begin: Miageau / Northern San d'Oria L-7
Repeatable: No
Quest Type: Fetch quest
Areas: San d'Oria, East Ronfaure

Last Quest: -
Next Quest: The Vicasque's Sermon

Requirements to sign up: San d'Oria fame 1
Required items: 10 gil, Blessed Waterskin, Cheval Water
Reward: Wing Pendant, title: The Pure One


Talking to Miageu within the Cathedral will initiate the quest. Afterwards, you will need to trade 10 gil to Nouveil by the bottom of the stairs to obtain the Blessed Waterskin.
Next, you must head to East Ronfaure H-5. There will be a ??? in the water, you must trade the Blessed Waterskin to it to receive the Cheval Water. Return to the Cathedral and trade the Cheval Water to Miageau to complete the quest.


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