Culture Shock


Name: LNC2 - Culture Shock
How to begin: talk to Willelda or J'moldva
Areas: Gridania, Ul'dah, Buscarron's Fold/South Shroud

Last quest: A Wailing Welcome
Next quest: Necessary Evils

Requirements to sign up: LNC30, A Wailing Welcome complete
Required items: -
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Woodsent Pteroc

Level: ??
Drops: ?
Location: Buscarron's Fold instance, first portion

These pterocs come in a pack of four and are aggressive.

Woodsent Doe

Level: ??
Drops: ?
Location: Buscarron's Fold instance, second portion

The does come in a pair and are aggressive.


Coming soon

In the fights you will have present several NPCs in your party - the Brazen-faced Broker, Iron-fisted Pugilist, Easygoing Adventurer and the Posturing adventurer. Of these, Brazen-faced Broker will not fight, although the others will.



The Summons

(Wailing Barracks pearl)
J'moldva: <Player>, the lancers have need of you. Come to the Wailing Barracks at once.

Forging Bonds

(at Wailing Barracks)
Willelda: What are you jawing at me for? It's J'moldva who sent for you. You know where to find her.

J'moldva: There you are, <Player>. Come, there is much we must discuss.
As you likely know, of all the nations it is Gridania which lies closest to Ala Mhigo - the victim of Garlemald's most recent conquest.
Should the imperials continue their offensive, no doubt we will be the next to bear the brunt of it.
Alone, our odds of survival are grim. Our only hope is to form alliances. Thus have we turned our eyes to Ul'dah. The reason is simple enough - should Gridania fall, they will be the next to be marched upon.
This should render them somewhat sympathetic to our situation. And fortunate for us, all Ul'dahns have their price, not least the pugilists at the Platinum Mirage.
Our intelligence indicates that many among them are refugees from Ala Mhigo, fled before the coming Empire.
If so, they may be eager to join in the fight against Garlemald. For the nonce, we will attempt to forge out alliances there.
All we lack is the chief agent - a connection in Ul'dah with whom we might treat. I would like you to assist us in finding such a person, <Player>.
(accept the quest)
J'moldva: Do not take this task lightly. Any willing soul you find may prove to be the key to Gridania's salvation.
Go now. Take the southern road out of the Twelveswood - the Lumberline. It will see you to Ul'dah. And may the gods go with you.

J'moldva: Any fool with a map can see the path the Garleans must march to conquer this realm. We will not suffer Gridania to fall as Ala Mhigo did.
An alliance with Ul'dah must be forged before it is too late. We believe our best hope lies at the Platinum Mirage.
The Pugilists' Guild there is known to employ a great many Ala Mhigan refugees. You must find one among them who will rally Ul'dah to our cause!

Platinum Mirage

(at Platinum Mirage, Ul'dah)
Gagaruna: Warmest greetings, sir, and welcome to the Platinum Mirage, where the sands turn to gold!
From Gridania? I see. And you represent the interests of those who would see our guild contribute to your war effort against the Garleans?
Word reaches us here of those who go missing in your wood, never to be heard from again.
Whether these tales are true or not is of no consequence. The impact they are having on our business is very real.
Many of our regular clientele from Ishgard have ceased to make the journey south for fear of their lives.
Before you speak to us of the threat posed by the Garleans, we must insist that you see to the threat posed by the Black Shroud.
You have leave to speak to any of our staff, so long as you do not interfere with business.

(enter an instance)

Gagaruna: You've got gumption - I'll give you that. It's no easy task to come in here on behalf of the lancers seeking aid. Perhaps you were unaware, but most Ul'dahns are of the mind that Gridanians can't be bothered to see to the safety of our merchants and traders traveling through the Black Shroud.
I'm a moral man, so I'll not speak ill of other nations, but you'd do well to know just how the outside perceives of the Gridanians and their precious forest. You need hardly take my word for it - simply ask around.

Halstein: You forget where you are, stranger. I doubt your meager coin would delay my ear long enough to hear you out.
Five million gil for the privilege of asking. Once I hear what you have to say, then we can settle on a real price.

Bliaurette: I have seen the horrors this war wrought on my homeland of Ala Mhigo firsthand. I would not wish such a fate on Gridania, Ul'dah, or any other nation.
But you waste your time seeking aid here. The Ul'dahns will greet you as a friend with one hand and stab you in the back with the other.

Shamani Lohmani: It's all that greenwrath talk what scares me. So much as look at an elemental funny, an' the wood swallows you up, they say. Don't kill you, but don't leave you livin' neither. Just lost in there - forever.
I don't mind gettin' lost every now and then, but an eternity of it? Damned if I'm going anywhere near them bloody trees.

K'lamahni: Near all here have naught but gil on their minds. Even under the threat of war with Garlemald, they will look first to where the profit lies.

Orisic: I'm a proud citizen of Ala Mhigo, and there is naught but hatred in my heart for the imperial scum who laid ruin to my home.
But I am nothing here. A newcome pugilist, that is all. I have no rights and no voice. I fear I have no strength to lend you.

Heibert: You must be spending a lot of time up in Gridania. What makes you so sure the elementals wont' claim you?

Melisie: Gridania? <spit> You got any idea how many ties we been attacked in that damn wood? The merchants we escort lose faith with every delayed or damaged shipment. Your Black Shroud has cost us no small sum of gil.
You got something to ask, you see to it our trade routes are safe first. And when I'm back in profit, I just might hear you out.

I'paghlo: I'm sick to death of all this wildling talk. Forest gods, spirits, elementals - whatever the hells they say it is. Bollocks! It's just you bloody Gridanians kidnapping folk!
I'd wager the tip of my tail your lot are ambushing the coaches and making off with the goods. That's what I'd be doing, anyway - except I'd be cat enough to own up.

Swyrbhar: Unless the sultana decrees it, the pugilists will never mobilize. Your friends in Gridania must rethink their approach. Ul'dah will not heed your call.

Dreues: Piss off. Take your talk of empires and cram it up your arse. I said piss off!
But not before you settle up. You got to pay for the honor of my company - and the privilege of walkin' my streets.
Awww, you look just about ready to cry. Tell you what - I'll let you off the hook for a round hundred thousand.
(Pay the pugilist's tax? "I think not. My coin is my own")
Dreues: More than like you ain't even got it. Bah, what kind of halfwit brings his sorry arse to Ul'dah without a hundred thousand gil to his name? Get outta my sight.
("Fine, I want no trouble")
Dreues: Gods, man, you really meant to pay!? Bwahahaha, you ain't gonna last a day in this city!
Are you craven, or just trying to fob me off? Not that I'll abide either, mind you.
How about we soften up that hard head of yours?
(he does as if to attack you, but stops right before the blow connects)
Dreues: Bwahahaha, that's the spirit! Feisty, ain't ya? Ready to party with a hundred thousand gil without a peep, but come at you with fists and you fire right back without blinking.
Not quite sure what to make of you, lad, but you got gall coming in here like this. And I like it!
So it's an ally against the Empire you're looking for, is it? Alright, I'll be your man in Ul'dah.
I'll take your words to the guild's elite. Ain't no secret that neither nation stands a chance alone against he might of Garlemald.
I reckon I can find you some more scoundrels like meself to lend you a hand. Bwahahaha!

Dreues: Aye, I'll fight the bloody Empire. And why the hells not? Am I to run again should they siege Ul'dah? Where is left for me after every nation falls?

Gagaruna: Had a chance to weight the public opinion on Gridania by now? I wager it's not the warmest talk you've ever heard. You'll find many Ul'dahns of the mind that Gridanians are ins ore need of a good conquering - haughty as they are.
But tell your leaders this. We Ul'dahns are people of action - and as good as our word. Should the Shroud be made safe for passing merchants, you will have our aid in the war against Garlemald.


(at Wailing Barracks)
J'moldva: There you are, <Player>. Come, tell me what you have learned.
So that's the way of it… I'd not expected them to avoid the issue by hiding behind talk of elementals and greenwrath.
Those from outside Gridania fear the Twelveswood. But such fear is born of their own ignorance, as all fears are.
It is true the elementals will not look past harms done the wood, but beyond that, one need only pay the proper respects to avoid their ire.
Still, I was right to entrust this task to you, <Player>. I see that now. You found one among the pugilists to aid us and won him over to our cause.
There is hope yet. For now, we wait to see what fruits these labors will bear.
(Willelda runs in)
Willelda: J'moldva! We have just received word from a caravan of merchants traveling north from Ul'dah.
They claim they adhered to the path we indicated, but find the forest to be ill at ease, and dare not proceed any further. They request we send an escort at once.
They wait on the road to the south, just beyond the wood's edge. We must make haste!
J'moldva: Understood. No doubt you are weary from your travel, <Player>, but will you lend us your aid once more? we must assist the Ul'dahns if we are to have any hope of an alliance. Please, time is of the essence!

J'moldva: You will find the merchant caravan on the road to the south, beyond the wood's edge.
Guide them to Gridania, and see to it they meet no harm!

Buscarron's Fold

(you approach a merchant caravan, and a Lalafell runs out to meet you)
Brazen-faced Broker: There you are! Thank the gods! Are you from the Wood Wailers? We've been frightened out of our wits! I couldn't say how, exactly, but it felt like every step we took was leading us closer to death's door.
The chocobos were lathered and spent, so we decided to put up here and wait until help arrived.
We'll be fine with a Wood Wailer escort, won't we? We hoped to leave after allowing the chocobos a bit more rest.
(something flies in the canopy)
Brazen-faced Broker: There's something out there… What is it!?
Whatever it is, just keep me alive! I'll pay anything you want! Anything!

First Fight

Brazen-faced Broker: Gods, no! They're here! Please help us!

Iron-fisted Pugilist: More here!

Easygoing Adventurer: The beasts have caught our scent.

Brazen-faced Broker: Nald'thal see us through!

(after the fight is over, everything calms. Then an imperial airship flies past. A herd of does rampages in your direction. They rock the carriage as they pass and a moogle falls out)

Second Fight

Brazen-faced Broker: They're in a frenzy! Do something!

Easygoing Adventurer: I didn't sign on for this. Gods, this can't be happening…

(after the fight is over, you walk towards the fallen moogle. The broker gets there first, expressionless at first)
Brazen-faced Broker: Oooh, an honest-to-gods moogle! Is it…dead?
The poor thing must have been trampled underfoot.
Easygoing Adventurer: Hmmm… I reckon we'd best bear it back to Gridania. What say you?
(the adventurers and the broker head for the carriage)

Reporting In

(at Wailing Barracks, instance)

Willelda: What do you make of those merchants? I can't put my finger on what, but something's not quite right… You'd think they'd be glad to have been rescued, but they seem…disappointed.

Ceinguled: If you're looking for the merchants, you'll find them there. It seems their cargo was undamaged. Hopefully relations with Ul'dah will not suffer.

Francis: A Garlean airship? With that bearing, ti is like to have been heading from Ala Mhigo to Silvertear Falls.
The elementals become enraged whenever those monstrosities fly over the Twelveswood, as do the beasts. Something must be done…

Z'pahtalo: We save them from certain death, bring them into our homes, even make them tea - and this is the thanks we get? What passes for manners in Ul'dah?
I heard some talk about dropped cargo and lost profits. Damn ingrates! They don't bother to think of what it cost us to save them.

Haurtefert: Fortunately, the unconscious moogle's wounds do not appear to be grievous. We have left it in the care of the conjurers.
They have set about calming the elementals, as well. Trade may be vital, but our ties with the forest take precedence over those with other nations.

J'moldva: Well done, <Player>. I am told that you fought bravely to protect the merchants' caravan form a pack of raging beasts.
They are extremely grateful for your service. You should go and look in on them.

Luitfrid: Something ain't right… Caravan's cargo was empty, mostly. But to come all this way, they musta been hauling something.

Burchard: One of those sent to guard the caravan was a pugilist of the Platinum Mirage…
No doubt he'll blacken the name of the Twelveswood upon his return to Ul'dah.

Iron-fisted Pugilist: Bugger this! I took this job because I heard escorting paid well. I didn't sign up for that!
My grudge isn't with you, Wailer. You fought well, and have my thanks for it.

Posturing Adventurer: Who, me? I'm fine. I don't believe in those children's stories about elementals, anyway.
We've come through this ordeal unscathed, have we not? All this talk of greenwrath and wildlings is the stuff of faerie tales.

Easygoing Adventurer: If nothing else, I've seen some exotic wildlife and enjoyed some foreign foods.
My employer is not dead, and I expect to receive payment in full. The gods are good, are they not?

Brazen-faced Broker: Ah, the good fellow from the wood Wailers! A thousand thank-yous for coming to our aid. Through your bravery, our cargo made it through unscathed, and we will soon be able to conclude our business here as planned.

Brazen-faced Broker: I've always thought this land to be a terrifying one, fraught with danger. but the Gridanians bear a love for it unlike any I have ever seen.
Twelve bless you! How about we put this unfortunate incident behind us, yes? There are still shipments to be made!

J'moldva: I've heard so much, it's hard to tell rumor from truth. I'd like to hear your version, <Player>.
So the moogle was injured in the chaos…
Yes, the conjurers have reported that the moogle's wounds were slight. The caravan and their cargo are safe - all told, things could have been worse.
Well done, Wailer. You've done Gridania and Ul'dah both a great service. See Willelda for your reward. Dismissed.

Willelda: Well, this was no mere pest hunt. You may well have saved our relations with Ul'dah from disaster, if not improved them.
Here's your reward, in full. You've earned it, Wailer.

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