Designer Imposters


Name: LTW2 - Designer Imposters
How to begin: talk to Hereward
Areas: Gridania, Owl's Nest

Last quest: The Silent Partners
Next quest: Head of the Class

Requirements to sign up: LTW30, The Silent Partners complete
Required items: Leather Chocobo Saddle, Fen-Yll Birkin Bag
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Coming soon



Task At Hand

Hereward: <Player>? Got some work what needs an adventurer's touch. Come and see us at Atelier Fen-Yll. Or don't. Makes no matter to me.

(Atelier Fen-Yll)
Hereward: Don't know if you already know, and don't care, but part of what Atelier Fen-Yll does is make goods for travelers.
Our leather's loved all over Eorzea. Hells, in some places, folks can't even get their hands on any, so high's the demand.
But that means the Fen-Yll name catches eyes, both good and bad. More than like that's why we seen more and more shipments lost of late - taken on the north roads by bandits in the mountains.
As leatherworkers, there ain't much for it. That's why we want you adventurers to help us outmaneuver the bastards. We mean to send our armor nrth peice by piece, rather than by the coach load. Will you help us?
(quest accept)
Hereward: Well and good. Let no time be wasted. Take this to Owl's Nest in Coerthas. The Knights of Ishgard'll be expectin' it.
With a bit of luck, any bandits won't pay you a second glance. But if you do meet with any trouble on the way, don't be a bloody fool. Give up the gear and keep your life.
Ain't no piece worth a life - no matter the quality. And them bandits ain't likely to damage any armor they mean to steal.
(obtain a leather chocobo saddle)

(talk again)
Hereward: At last tally, the waitin' list for some Fen-Yll goods was in the years.
The guild means to sneak some such desirables into Coerthas, to Owl's Nest.
If you're taken by bandits on the road, given them what they want. Don't go playin' the hero.

Maddeline: You are off to the lands of Ishgard? Be sure and take in the beauty of the sky on your travels.
As there aren't many trees, it's blue, blue, blue from horizon to horizon. And at nighttime, the stars can light your way! For a forestborn, it's a breathtaking sight.

Tatagoi: Even the longest of queues at Ul'dah's winesinks or Limsa's whorehouses cannot compare to our order ledger.
If the decision were mine, we'd serve Gridanians first. But the masters won't hear of it. The Fen-Yll tradition is based on equality, they say.

Khuma Moshroca: You have an errand to run for now, but you may soon have the time to explore the lands of Ishgard more freely.
Many adventurers go there in search of dragon bones, valuable as they are. Sad to say, all most ever find are the bones of men.

Beli: A band of assassins is said to prowl the mountain passes. The Faces of Mercy, they call themselves.
Some think them outlaws exiled form Ishgard, but some go so far as to claim they are part of the Conclave. Whatever the case, they've a repuration for being fierce killers to a man.

Dyrstbrod: Those to whom you are to deliver our leather have already been made to wait a great while.
But you needn't worry. The Ishgardians are known for their stoic composure. They are not quick to anger as the Lominsans are.

Luilda: The mountain passes are not safe. If you truly man to travel to Olw's Nest, I beg you to take companions along with you.
The roads byeond the hamlet are even more sinister. I can only advise you do not venture down them - no matter your numbers or strength.

Dangers of Coerthas

(entrance to the canyon to Owl's Nest. You're walking onwards when someome shows up behind you)
Poorly Disguised Footpad: Shhh, eaaasy now. don't go turnin' 'round.
Just give us whatever you's got in them there bags, an' there won't be no trouble.
(Give the bandit what he wants? Y-Yes, r-right away! / No, I WANT trouble)
(the bandit suddenly falls to the ground)
Poorly Disguised Footpad: Ugh!
Lalatta: You're lucky I decided to follow you. I thoguht some bandit or other might make you for an easy target.
You should be able to reach the hamlet on your own from ehre. Run along, now.

(you approach the hamlet and see knights on chocoback)
Yuhelmeric: Our war with the dragons is not yet won…but if we are willing to give all that we have, and sacrifice all that we are in the service of Halone, victory shall be ours! For ours is the Fury!
(the villagers cheer)
Yuhelmeric: Halt, there! I'll have your name.
Forgive me, but one can never be too wary in such troubled times as these. I meant Atelier Fen-Yll no disrespect. I bid you welcome. The journey from Gridania was not an onerous one, I hope.
The leatherworkers have exceeded all expectations, as always. Praise be to Halone for seeing you here safe, friend.
No doubt word has reached you of the northern bandits harrying the Furline. I assure you, we are doing all in our power to flush them from under their rocks. They will know Halone's justice before long.
Though we can boast no significant results as yet, it is my hope that our friends the leatherworkers will continue to trade with us as normal. Know that I consider your collective to be as valuable an ally as any we now have.
For in your armors we place our very lives, and those of our chocobos besides. Without your labors, we would be truly lost. Take word of our thanks, and be safe back to Gridania.
(the knights leave)

Lalatta: <Player>, I need your help! Please, you must make a Fenn-Yll Birkin bag and bring it to me at once!
It's a matter of life and death! I'll be waiting for you at Clearwater Lake.
(obtain a recipe for a Fen-Yll Birkin bag)

Passionate Over Bags

(by Clearwater. Lalatta and her companion are surrounded)
Lalatta: Him, there! He's the one you want. One of the most gifted leatherworkers I know, and that's the truth.
Vielle: Hmph, what kind of bloody fool you take me for? Might be he's got what he fancies a Fen-Yll Birkin bag there. But that ain't the work of no Fen-Yll master. I can tell as much from here.
Lalatta: True, my pupil here is not as well-known as some of the other leatherworkers - yet - but I am training him myself, and I tell you, he is the future of the Fen-Yll name.
Vielle: Pupil!? You expect me to believe your pupil made that!? Don't play games with me, Lalafell, or it'll be your hide I'll be wearing.
Lalatta: Did you hear that, <Player>? Well, did you? Are you going to stand for it?
Oh, come now, take some pride in your work, man! Tell them just how good that Fen-Yll Birkin bag really is!

Baghnakh-brandishing Footpad: We're wastin' time. I oughta just open your throat from ear to ear right now and be done with it.

Dagger-flourishing Footpad: Hehe, tell 'em, Vielle.

Upstanding Adventurer: P-Please, you msut h-help us. For the love you b-bear the guild!

Lalatta: Do you mean to let a thug who doens't know sheepskin from sheep shite criticize your work?
Come now, tell them just how good that Fen-Yll Birkin bag really is!

Drak-eyed Footpad: What a bother this all is.

Fair-featured Footpad: Might be as we could make us some bags outta them faces. 'Facebags', we'd call 'em. How's that strike ya?

Poorly Disguised Footpad: Don't move! Unless you want me to take your legs off for you.

Vielle: Seems the 'masters' of Fen-Yll ain't all they're made out to be.
(parley 3 stars)
Vielle: Ain't all bad, I reckon. Decent mats, easy enough to use. Might be it'd fool an aldgoat herd's daughter out of her dress.
I think we found us our man.
You, you're comin' with me. We got a shop what needs opening - the second Atelier Fen-Yll!
(knights on chocoback appear)
Artoirel: Ride them down!
My apologies for putting you in harm's way. You have my word we will catch and crucify the bastards.
Lalatta: Well, that certainly could have been worse.
Thank the gods you came when you did, <Player>. If you hadn't distracted them… Well, let's just say it would all have been over before the cavalry arrived.
Upstanding Adventurer: I thought that was the end of us for sure. Thank you, <Player>.
Lalatta: We must finish the journey to Ishgard. Come, we are nearly there.
I'll let Hereward know what has happened. No doubt he will have a generous reward waiting for you upon your return.

Hero's Return

(Atelier Fen-Yll)
Maddeline: So that's the way of it. No doubt they meant to abduct a number of leatherworkers to make their false Fen-Yll Birkin bag.

Tatagoi: Bloody Faces of Mercy! As if all the killing they do were not evil enough, they meant to sell counterfeit leathers!?
And capturing Lalatta and that other poor leatherworker like that? Why, I've a mind to…to… Oh, what's the use? I'm worthless.

Khuma Moshroca: I am concerned for the younger leatherworker who was taken. Surely she never expected to undergo such an ordeal in this, of all guilds. Perhaps you could look in on her from time to time? It would help put my mind at rest.

Beli: Thank the gods you're all right. We've all been so worried. You're a far braver man than I, truly.

Dyrstbrod: I knew the moment I first set eyes on you that you possessed certain strength, <Player>. But you have exceeded even my expectations.
Lalatta and the other lass have returned as well. You have all our thanks for delivering them from harm.

Luilda: As usual, Lalatta emerged completely unscathed, did she not?
I suspected as much. Oh, but don't tell her I said that. She'd be like to drown me in the tanning vats!

Hereward: Heard it all form Lalatta. Bandits an' bleedin' kidnappin's, eh? Used to be a leatherworker could make a livin' in peace!
All the same, gotta admire their ambition. Who ever heard of bandits going from stealin' loot to makin' it?
'Course, the excitement's been good for Lalatta - li'l powder keg that she is. Finest repairer I've ever seen, that one, an' her leatherwork's even better. Good mentor, too, ain't she?
(Has Lalatta been a good menotor? Yes, it has been an honor / No, she taught remarkably little)
Lalatta: The honor has been all mine, <Player>.
Hereward: Haha, welcome back, lass. I reckon your <Player> here must have a good deal more wit than them bandits up north…seein' as how they chose a fledglin' leatherworker over one of our most accomplished.
Lalatta: Why yes, I suppose my finer qualities aren't very apparent next to those of the dashing <Player>! You do have such a way with words, Hereward. And to think you haven't bedded a woman in all the time I've known you.
Hereward: I-I didn't mean to… Hells, Lalatta, you know this guild couldn't get on without you. Don't go makin' me grovel.
Lalatta: Did you hear that, <Player>? Did you? "Couldn't get on without me", he said. What do you make of that?
Hereward: As for you - here, take it. It's yours. And just you learn all you can from that li'l lady. She's a damn sight cleverer than you think.

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