Embracing the Beast


Name: WAR2 - Embracing the Beast
How to begin: talk to Curious Gorge by Nophica's Wells
Areas: Nophica's Wells, Humblehearth

Last quest: Pride and Duty (Will Take you from the Mountain)
Next quest: Curious Gorge Goes to the Bazaar

Requirements to sign up: WAR35, Pride and Duty (Will Take you from the Mountain) complete
Required items: ?
Reward: Curious Gorge linkpearl, ?


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Enemy list

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In Search of the Beast

(if not yet ready to start quest)
Curious Gorge: Deciphering the chronicles is proving to be a much more demanding task than I had imagined. I shall continue my work, but ask that you be patient.
If it a tale you seek, then let me tell you whence I came. Beyond the Sea of clouds, rising like angry fists pointed in defiance to the heavens, lies Ablathia's Spine.
Within these cursed mountains reside my eople, chosen long ago by the Twelve to guard the ancient gates of the seven hells. And from the undying flames of the pit do we forge the steel with which we hew our cities from the unrelenting rock.

(quest start)
Curious Gorge: Welcome back, my friend. Much has happened in the short span since last we spoke.
These past several turns of the sun, my duties with the Company of Heroes have taken me back and forth across the realm in search of a mysterious feral beast that's been terrorizing the smallfolk. People know not whence this monstrosity came, but witnesses say its thirst for blood is unlike anything they've ever seen.
Unfortunately, the time I have spent in pursuit of the beast is time I have not spent studying the chronicles, and I am sorry to say I have made little progress.
However, while on the road, I was able to deipher one passage that may be of interest to us both. From what I can gather, the chronicles tell of an ancient set of armor forged by my ancestors in the flames of the seven hells, and inscribed with the same arcane incantations that adorn the Soul of the Warrior.
Apparently, this mighty armor was passed down from hero to apprentice for centuries, until one man, driven by rage and vainglory, cast all five pieces from Abalathia's highest peak. Since that day, the armor has remained lost…and with it, the power that it harbors.
As far as I can make out, the next passage in the chronicles concerns the whereabouts of the missing artifacts…though I have only been able to make sense of the odd word thus far. Still, I must confess to some excitement. It may well be that the pieces cannot be found, of course, but if they could…imagine what a warrior thus clad could achieve!
Ah, if only my brother were here…. We could decipher the text together and spread the teachings of our people to the entire realm!
Alas, he is not. His whereabouts are as hidden to me as those of the ancient armor. I would have liked you to meet him…if only so that you could have looked upon a true warrior.
Well, perhaps you still shall. Eorzea is not as large as most people perceive. Paths cross, fates intertwine. Such is the will of the Spinner. It may be that my brother has chosen a similar path to mine. It may be that-
Ah, but enough of my rambling. I shall not tire you with my words any longer. You are here to take the neext step in your training, and so I shall oblige.
Far to the north, beyond the boundaries of this forsaken desert, lies the Black Shroud. In a corner of this primeval wood can be found an area which the locals have dubbed 'Humblehearth', and it is here that a deadly hunter lurks - Sirocco.
When facing this cold-blooded creature, you will soon realize that the labored swings of your axe are ill-suited to the task of felling such a nimble foe - but do not let this dissuade you from your mission. Wake the slumbering beast within and allow it to guide your hand. Learn to anticipate the movements of your mark, and wheresoever it leaps, be there to meet it with your killing edge.
(quest accept)
Curious Gorge: Excellent. I sense your will growing stronger with every step you take. Here, accept this linkpearl. It will allow me to contact you when I have finished my next round of deciphering. Better that than have you make the long journey here on the off-chance that my studies have borne fruit. Good luck, and may the Fury be with you.

Curious Gorge: Sirocco is said to hunt with its mate - the female acting as a decoy while he circles to subdue his prey from behind.
He is an agile creature who will use his speed to dodge the deliberate blows of your axe. But if you can wake your inner beast, it will help you anticipate your mark's movements, allowing you to situate your blade directly in Sirocco's path the moment he arrives.

Wield the Beast

(defeat Sirocco)
(You hear the whipsers of the village ancestors)
Curious Gorge: You have done well, my friend! Can you feel it? With every victory, your will grows stronger. Soon you shall be able to wield your inner beast as you would your blade. Continue to hone your skills, for I shall contact you again soon.

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