F'lhaminn's Flower


Name: GSM2 - F'lhaminn's Flower
How to begin: talk to Elecotte at Eshtaime's Lapidaries
Areas: Ul'dah, Gridania, Tranquil Paths

Last quest: She Walks in Beauty
Next quest: Struck Through the Heart

Requirements to sign up: GSM30
Required items: Shattered brooch, Violet augite, Recipe for a piece of violet augite, Mismatched stones, Pearl Clover Blossom, F'lhaminn's Flower
Reward: ?


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This quest is a bit of an anomaly in that you are not the one to fight these enemies, but your spriggan friend is. The data is listed here for completion's sake only, you don't benefit from these battles at all.


Level: 30
Drops: -
Location: Tranquil Paths instance

This is the mob you follow to find your pearl clover blossom. Note that while it shows up as aggro, you can walk where you will to follow it and it won't aggro.

Forest Familiar

Level: ??
Drops: -
Location: Tranquil Paths instance


Level: ??
Drops: -
Location: Tranquil Paths instance

Sambar Doe

Level: ??
Drops: -
Location: Tranquil Paths instance


Kuplu Kopo parley is 4-star.
Coming soon



Troublesome Reissue

Elecotte: <Player>, have you had word from Colbernoux? Do you know where he might be? I apologize, I do not mean to give you cause for concern,. But there is an issue which demands our immediate attention. Could I trouble you to come by Eshtaime's Lapidaries?

(Eshtaime's Lapidaries)
Elecotte: So good fo you to come, <Player>. Rest assurd, I would not have inconvenienced you were I not desperate. In fact, what I am about to ask of you would normally require the consent of Colbernoux…
…but I fear we are left with no other recourse. You must aid us, <Player>. Please say that you will.
(quest accept)
Elecotte: It has been decided that a certain piece of jewelry will be reissued in the near future. Only a limited number will be made, to be sure.
It is known as F'lhaminn's Flower. Perhaps you've heard of it? At its center lies a perfect blossom, encased in glass using a secret method. Its stem, meanwhile, is wrought of exotic coral. And surrounding it all is a veritable sultana's ransom in stunning gems, fashioned in the likeness of flower petals.
The timeless, transcendent beauty of the piece swiftly caught the eye of the Ul'dahn elite, and it soon came to be coveted by the royal families of other nations as well.
It was, of course, Colbernoux's design. None can deny his virtuosity when it coes to goldsmithing. His talent is truly squandered mentoring novices like you - no offense.
To craft F'lhaminn's Flower, only the most freshly cut blossoms will suffice - and those can only be found in Gridania. As you can probably imagine, this is far from convenient, not least because the botanists of the Greatloam Growery have a history of being…less than accommodating.
Belligerent botanists besides, merely traversing the Black Shroud makes the journey a perilous undertaking. Naught to trouble an adventurer such as yourself, of course - and now you see why I have called you here.
I should think ten pearl clover blossoms will serve. But you must not mention the intended use. Nor that you are acting on behalf of the Goldsmiths' Guild.

Elecotte: The guild has decided to reissue one of its most highly coveted pices - F'lhaminn's FLower.
To procure the pearl clover blossoms used in its construction, you must visit the Botanists' Guild in Gridania. Tell no one that you come from Eshtaime's Lapidaries.

Hnaufrid: Many in the guild were not pleased to hear that an adventurer would be assinged this task. Your reward will only serve to lessen our profits.
The botanists may give you a hard time, but do not make it easy for them. Allow those tree-lovers an ilm and they'll take a malm.

Bouchard: Off to Gridania, are you? I can't say I've any love for that place in these old bones.
The folks there don't even believe in the realm of Thal, you know. Bloody barbarians! And just what the hells do they think happens when you die!?

Lefchild: You are no stranger to Ul'dah's climate by now. You must seee that it is nigh on impossible to grow flowers in this heat.
But in the climate and soils of the Black Shroud, flowers thrive even when neglected. The forestborn are fools not to exploit the realm's demand for them.
Considerng how much gil they stand to make, what could possiby be stopping them?

Holbubu: If this second issue is a success, there will be a mountain of coin to be had.
And we aren't the only ones with gil on our minds. Many Ul'dahns would be willing to plunge themselves into debt to acquire one, as such possessions have no taxes levied on them.

Sungi Kelungi: Ul'dah is home to a whole society of wealthy collectors who seek out rare gems and jewelry just like F'lhaminn's FLower.
That doens't mean we should start churning them out, of course. No, no, quite the contrary. By lessening the number available, we raise the demand, and with it the price.

Difference of Opinion

(Greatloam Growery)
Opyltyl: Hello to you, <Player>, and welcome back to the Greatloam Growery.<ref>This text may appear only after joining the Botanists' Guild. Confirmation needed.</ref> What brings you to us this day? I pray none of your cacti have sprouted cactuar! I-I'm sorry… That was absolutely terrible.
So it's flowers you want, is it? Drop the pretence. You're embarrassing yorsueelf, and insulting my intelligence. It's obvious the goldsmiths have sent you.
Our head tender has ordered a ban on the sale of all flowers to any in service of the Esthaime name.
There was but one of their kind who respected us and our ways, and he is no more for this world. That Lalafell fiend that styles herself guildmaster there now had him murderered in cold blood. I've no doubt as to that.
Rychyld: And to think they were encasing our precious blossoms in their tawdry baubles.
Gods know their hearts must be as dead as the wastes in which they live.
It is not for our sake that flowers bloom. The goldsmiths do not ralize that it is a gift from the elementals within - a gift wthat reflects the preciousness of time.
It is precisely bcause the lives of those elementals are so fleeting and ephemeral that they are endowed with the power to bring about such beauty - and inspire in us such awe.
To take that and imprison it behind glass walls to be worn about the necks of lords and their ladies… <spit> The gods will hold them to account for their sins.
So run off to the Roost and tell that knave Colbernoux what I've said. No doubt he thinks himself cunning, but we are well aware he has put up there.

Opyltyl: Leave. There are no flowers for you here. Take that bastard goldsmith at the inn with you and bugger off back to your sandy grave.

(The Roost)
V'korolon: You are looking for a patron? Staying herrre?
Colbernoux, you say?
Colbernoux: Why, <Player>, what a pleasant surprise! I had thought you still in Ul'dah. Whatever brings you to Gridania?
I see… So my colleagues ar trying yet again to reissue F'lhaminn's FLower, are they? I've told them countless times that I will make no more…
But it turns out that I must make one last one - for her. That is why I myself have come all this way.
Might you aid me, <Plyaer>? I will offer you this shattered brooch in return. I know it is not much, but I…I… There is little that I might accomplish alone.
I need a pearl clover blossom. Unlikely as it may sound, I have learned that finding them reaquires the guidance of the spriggans that reside near Camp Tranquil.
This is a piece of violet augite. It is easily creatd by combining two handfuls of mismatched stones together, and it is a known favorite of said spriggans.
Take it. If you entice them with it, they may lead you to the flower fields where the pearl clvoer grows. Here, take the brooch and this recipe, as well. It details the method for creating pieces of violet augite, should you require more.

Moogle Dealings

(by rootslake. A moogle shows up)
Kuplu Kopo: I saw that, kupo! Saw it from start to finish with my very own peepers.
It is forbidden to do such things. You mustn't, you shouldn't, you can't!
Put it back. Put it back this instant, kupo!

Kuplu Kopo: Put it back. Put it back this isntant, kupo!

Kuplu Kopo: You seem genuine enough. You must have a very good reason. What is it you intend to make, kupo?
Oh no, no, no, kupo! Not that! Elementals don't take kindly to being locked in glass cells. Not at all.
Kupo? This flower wasn't put in glass to preserve it. No, no, no, kupo. It wilted naturally!
A lover of flowers and elementals alike made this. If this is the thing you mean to craft, you are most welcome to a flower, kupo.

(The Roost)
V'korolon: Are you looking for that man again? Colbernoux, was it?
Very well. I suppose there is no use in hiding it. I shall tell you where he is staying.

(inn room)
Colbernoux: You found one! You found a pearl clover blossom! Oh, thank you, <Player>, thank you! With this, I can make one last brooch for F'lhaminn.
Please pay a visit to Eshtaime's Lapidaries when next you are in Ul'dah. I will contact Elecotte and see to it your efforts are are generously rewarded.
It is the least I can do. You see, it was because of me that the Growry decided to cease all trade with the goldsmiths.
It was I who ruined the bond of trust between our guilds - a bond that my brother worked so hard to forge…

Colbernoux: Pleae pay a visit to Eshtaime's Lapidaries next time you are in Ul'dah. I will contact Elecotte and see to it your efforts here are generously rewarded.

Triumphant Return

(Esthaime's Lapidaries)
Bouchard: It seems Colbernoux traveled to Gridania himself. I thought it a while since last I'd seen him.
I imagine his negotiations did not go well. He has always lacked the gift for words that his brother had. Small wonder he has such trouble with the ladyfolk.

Holbubu: How were you received by the Gridanians? We were rejected again, I assume?
They have seen their own share of adventurers and Ala Mhigans there of late. I only hope such outside influences bring about some change in the Black Shroud. Gods know it's long overdue.

Sungi Kelungi: Amazing! You were able to procure flowers from Gridania? Simply amazing!
Awww, just the one? Well, that will certainly serve to raise its value. Though I fear not much will be left after the cost of advertising.

Lefchild: You certainly look refreshed., The forest air did you some good, did it?
But what of the forest people? No doubt you found their, ahem, lifestyles to be in stark constrast to our own. You should visit Limsa next. Never will you meet such a herd of feckless fools as the Lominsans!

Hnaufrid: You have failed. The task was to procure ten bossoms, and you returned with but the one. Therefore, you failed.
And spare me your "I did my best" talk. Effort is nothing, results are everything. Profits are either made, or they are not.

Elecotte: We owe you an apology, <Playr>. It seems we had you travel all the way to Gridania for naught.
Those pig-headed flower-pickers at the Growery still refuse to trade with us, and Colbernoux has outright refused to produce any more brooches.
Everyone knows that the only thing keeping Colbernoux at Eshtaime's is F'lhaminn. He needs her.
Anyway, back to the matter at hand. I'm afraid that there is no compensation for your recent efforts, as the ten blossoms were not procured.
Colbernoux: It is good to see you back in Ul'dah, <Player>. If you have the time, I wonder if you would mind assisting me further?
Elecotte: Forgive me. I wasn't aware you were aiding Colbernoux in his work. If you had mentioned that, I would have prepared a fitting reward.
Colbernoux: Do just that, Elecotte. <Player> here is proving to be quite indispensable.

Elecotte: Forgive me, I wasn't aware you were aidign Colbernoux in his work. Please, allow me to prepar a more fitting reward.
I heard form the others that you obtained only a single flower. Why not give it to someone you hold dear?
They may appreciate it so much they will grace Esthaime's Aesthetics with their custom in the future. This is how coin is made, <Player>.

Colbernoux: <Player>, could I ask you to give this to F'lhaminn for me? I would do it myself, but it would only cause more rumors.
I suppose you have heard the whispers by now as well, yes? That I am in love with F'lhaminn?
I do not mean to deny it. If nothing else, the rumors have at least been a diversion. My father would see me wed the guild owner's daughter, but word of my love for F'lhaminn gave him pause. Needless to say I have no intention of marrying to slake my father's thirst for vengeance.
Bah, forgive a fool his ramblings. The brooch - you will see it to F'lhaminn, yes? You will find her at the Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern.

Shadow of a Flower

(Amajina & Sons)
F'lhaminn: Thank you. A thosuand times, thank you.
I shall wear it ever and always,. Until the blossom within withers to naught but a memory.
There is a sadness about it, though, do you not think? For what does the wilting of a blossom signify if not the passing of time?
But Nielle wuold have wanted me to wear it - and Colbernoux still does. I take great comfort in such thoughts.
It cannot have been easy for him to craft this. No doubt the memory of his brother is still with him, wherever he turns. Perhaps it is time that he, too, moved on.

F'lhaminn: The march of time is a cruel thing. By demanding we forget, it forces us to remember.
I understand you mean well, but… Please, spare me your words.
(Use the powr of the Echo? Yes)
(at the Gold Court)
Colbernoux: I confess, the brooch was designed by my brother. That much is no secret. I came across it one day while sorting through his belongings.
But I could not very well use my brother's name. I would not. It was I who later came upon the idea of encasing a blossom within the brooch.
Ever since we were children, I was always two steps behind Niellefresne - in all things. I thoguht with this I had finally bested him.
F'lhaminn: You have nothing to be sorry for. Wherever he is now, he forgives you. I'm sure of it.
Colbernoux: No, it cannot go on like this. I found his journals. He wrote about the brooch - how he envisaged the design, and why he dcided to make it. Things were never as simple as I had thought.
Wildflowers from Gridania, coral from the reefs of Limsa, precious stones from Ul'dah. The three struck a perfect harmony, each defining and complementing the other.
That was my brother. He loved peace above all else. And now I've ruined even that.
F'lhaminn: Colbernoux, I…
Colbernoux: Please, say no more. Just take this. I want you to have it. This is what my brother truly wished to make.
(back in the present)
F'lhaminn: All that Nielle ever wished for has come to pass. His soul can rest easy now. I know there is no more need to mourn him. And yet… And yet…
(she walks away)

(Esthaime's Lapidaries)
Colbernoux: I haven't the words to thank you <Player>. Here, I've taken the liberty of preparing your reward myself.
I pray the Weaver brings our fates together again sooner rather than later.

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