Good Knight, Sweet Dreams


Name: CNJ2 - Good Knight, Sweet Dreams
How to begin: talk to Soileine at the Stillglade Fane
Areas: Gridania, Humblehearth, Owl's Nest, Emerald Moss

Last quest: Dendrological Duties
Next quest: The Call of Nature

Requirements to sign up: CNJ30, Dendrological Duties complete
Required items: -
Reward: ?


Coming soon



Water Elemental, lv??
Fire Elemental, lv??
Wind Elemental, lv??
Ice Elemental, lv??
Earth Elemental, lv??
Lightning Elemental, lv??

While many in number, none of the elementals provide much challenge. Simply burn them down with aoe spells.



Understanding the Forest

Soileine: As I told you before, <brother/sister> <Player>, we conjurers seek only to protect the elementals. If you would learn more of our ways, come to Stillglade Fane.

(Stillglade Fane)
Soileine: Among the elementals of the Twelveswood, there are some whose strength far surpasses that of others. They reside within the ancient trees.
Thus disaster follows whenever these trees are felled or burned. The fury of the elementals within reaches heights we cannot calm. It is for that reason we have created the Hedge.
Yet the elemnetals live in all things. As Gridanians, we embrace this truth, while many outsiders remain oblivious to it.
When these irreverent souls breach the Hedge and enter the wood, they devile it with every breath they draw. And so invite the elementals' anger - the greenwrath.
In this manner, they endanger not only themselves, but us as well. Thus do we make it our mission to scout the Twelveswood in search of them. I trust you will play your part in this?
(quest accept)
Soileine: Your fervor is admirable. Yet you would be ill-advised to set foot in the wood alone. Brother Morys shall accompany you.
Head first to Lifemend Stump. Have faith, and the path you must take shall reveal itself to you.

Soileine: Outsiders ignorant to the ways of the wood do naught but defile it with their presence. It is a tragic truth, but one that we must accept.
Venture into the Twelveswood with Brother Morys, and survey what ground you can. Begin at Lifemend Stump.

Hetzkin: To be sure, Hetzkin knows of Lifemend Stump - the place man and moogle first met. Of course, it wasn't just a stump back then.

Foforyo: As you know, the closest cities to Girdania are those of Ishgard and Ul'dah.
Few are as indifferent to nature as their knights and merchants. It may be that the harshness of the mountains and deserts has hardened their hearts.

T'nbulea: You're going to see the moogles!?
Oh, just to meet Brother Morys? I never cared for him much, myself. Don't go telling him I said that, though.

Biddy: Care to have your fortune told, <brother/sister>? I can see what the future holds for you, <Full Name>.
Yes, yeees. The elementals have brought you here…and you must let them guide you further. To… To….love.

Maroile: A question if I may, adventurer. Why do you think the actions of so many run contrary to the will of the elementals?
Is it an innate desire to explore and conquer the unknown? Or a destructive urge that rests deep within us all?

Gugula: Care to see my impression of Brother Morys? The others tell me I've got him down to an art.
Fire. It burns. Burns all. So hot.
Well, what do you think? The resemblance is uncanny, no?

Kinborow: Off to see Brother Morys, are you? You'd best watch after yourself.
Fear will serve you better than respect with that one. They say even the elementals won't utter his name.

Zerig: Ohoho, and what was your name again, good sir?
Ah, yes! Our fine young conjurer! Has Brother Telent sent you on any more errands? Do try not to kill too many wolves, ohoho!

Concessa: How many times must I say it? I do not wish to be disturbed!
What manner of man would refuse a lady's request for solitude!?
I-I'm sorry… I've said too much.

Pain of the Wood

(at Lifemend Stump)
Morys: The wood. It calls.
Pain. Great Pain.
(he leaves)

Soileine: Were you able to see Morys?
Well, he's ever to be found mumbling about the call of the wood… On this occasion, however, it would seem that there is a trespasser in the forest.
You are to patrol the areas around Humblehearth, Camp Emerald Moss, and Amberscale Rock. Go now, <Full Name>.

(by Amberscale Rock's cave. You come across a fallen knight surrounded by elementals)
(fight with elementals)

(you approach the knight)
Newly Outfitted Knight: Help…
Morys: This man. The voice. His voice.
The others must hear. Make this known.

Newly Outfitted Knight: Ugggh…

Morys: The other smust hear. Make this known.

Soileine: Yes? Soileine of the Conjuruers' Guild, speaking.
A man fallen in the wood? Near Amberscale Rock? I see…
I will send someone right away to attend to the matter. You may return now, <Full Name>.

Sent to Ishgard

(Stillglade Fane)
Soileine: It was as I thought. The person you located in the wood was indeed a knight of Ishgard.
As you may or may not know, the nation of Isghard lies far to the north and east of here, down the Furline.
Long have her gates been closed to the world, and it seems the irreverence of her knights has fermented within their confines. They enter the wood as they see fit, hacking and slashing with reckless abandon, paying no heed to what their plate and chain crushes underfoot.
This is no isolated incident. Trespassers are ever losing their way in the forest - at great harm to themselves, more often than not.
Ingram: There is something here which they seek. And I fear they will not stop until they find it.
The knight in question has regained his senses. Brother Morys has already departed to see him back to Ishgard.
Soileine: Brother Morys? Do you really think that wise? Considering all that has transpired?
Ingram: If you are truly so concerned, perhaps you should send an escort. Your adventurer friend here seems fit for the task.
Soileine: He lacks for tact, but Brother Ingram has the right of it. None is more fit for this duty than you. Please, make all haste for Owl's Nest.
Th Furline will lead you out of Gridania and to the north and west. Follow it to the wood's end.
Stay true to the road leading to Ishgard. Before long it will turn sharply to the west, at which point you must abandon it and head eastward into the high hills. Not far form there lies a tunnel in the cliffs to the south. Pass through it and you will come upon the hamlet of Owl's Nest.
Perhaps a unit has been dispatched from Ishgard. It may be in defense of the hamlets against dragons and drakes that they come so near the wood.

Soileine: Brother Morys set out to guide the fallen Ishgardian safely back to his people.
But my heart is yet ill at ease. This, all of this - brother Morys and these dealings with Ishgard…. Something is afoot here. Something…hidden.
He has yet to return. Please, make your way to Owl's Nest and seek out Brother Morys.

Hetzkin: Be pure of heart, <Full Name>, and the elementals will never guide you false. Tell Hetzkin, have they spoken to you yet?
A shame, that. Well, the Furline leads out of Gridania and to the mountains. Bloody dangerous place, though, be you conjurer or otherwise.

Foforyo: Gods, not again. Disciplined to a fault, those bastards are, and stubborn as aurochs. Wearing all that steel seems to have them convinced they've naught to fear, no matter who they offend.

T'nbulea: It is only natural that those new to our guild be charged with the less than desirable tasks. A pity for you, but a blessing for me. I shudder at the very thought of stepping foot outside the Twelveswood.
An adventurer such as yourself must be used to roaming all over Eorzea. Yet I would wager you have yet to find a place as safe as Gridania.

Biddy: In the forest, you find only what the elementals want you to find. And they are nothing if not mysterious in their ways.
Those Ishgardians… Their scorn for all but their own defies belief. They have no godly right to be in the Twelveswood.

Maroile: The Knights of Ishgard adhere to a strict code, unlike you adventurers. To them, their oaths are all that matter. Unfortunately, it is precisely this that blinds them to the wider world.
No doubt you have heard tales of the like of Ser Yuhelmeric.

Gugula: Ice. So cold.
It freezes all. So very cold.
Gods, man, would it kill you to show a little appreciation? I'm giving you pearls, here!

Kinborow: So it is off to Owl's Nest next, is it? Aye, I've had the misfortune of visiting there myself.
Escorted a knight of Ishgard back to his home, I did. Huh, if I'd had my way, he'd still be lost in the wood now. If you ask me, any outsider foolish enough to wake the greenwrath should be left to taste the fruits of his labors.

Zerig: Ohoho, the elementals are in an uproar now!
Yes, yes, I hear them. To the west, at the trees' end. I wonder if our good knight has made it out of the Twelveswood unharmed, ohoho.

The Knight's Tale

(Owl's Nest)
(you enter the hamlet. There are red-armored knights on chocoback. One of them notices you)
Yuhelmeric: What business brings you here? Have you come to pledge fealty to our order?
The end of all dragonkind is the sole desire of the citizenry of Ishgard.
All who would join our ranks must first prove themselves worthy in the eyes of gods and men.
Hm? So it is other business that has brought you here. The knight found fallen within the Black Shroud?
Yes, I am most glad that you found him before he could come to further harm. Thanks to the conjurer Morys, he is here now, and well. His strength returns with each passing day, and he is eager to brave the wood again once he fully recovers.
He claims to have spied a dragon in the forest…though I grant such a report may owe more to wounds and weariness than fact. The elementals are not like to suffer such a creature in their midst!
You may see him, and make what inquiries you will, should you so desire. Perhaps repeating his tale will remind the poor lad what a mummer's farce it all sounds.

Yuhelmeric: The knight of mine you found claims to have seen a dragon in the Black Shroud. It is folly, if you ask me, but you are welcome to inquire further, should you so desire.

Courtly Knight: Lord Yuhelmeric's words may seem harsh, but pay them no mind. He is that way with all. He means only to protect our nations. In truth, he lacks the time to exchange pleasantries with adventurers.

Doughty Dragoon: Do not presume to speak to Lord Yuhelmeric as an equal. He is the son of a most distinguished house. A single drop of his blood contains more nobility than the sum of all your ancestors' - and mine, too, like as not.

Even-tempered Knight: Something strange happens on every scouting into the Shroud. I tell you - it's not right, that place. They say just a glimpse of an elemental is enough to drive a man mad!

Dedicated Dragoon: It brings shame to the order to hear of one of our own bested and cowering in the wood. A man who returns without his mount is not a man - much less a knight.

Adolescent Dragoon: This latest incident only serves to prove that we require the guidance of the conjurers if we wish to search the Shroud. Come, friend - is there aught you can teach us of the wood?

Newly Outfitted Knight: I know what the others are saying. Hells take them all! I am not mad with fever! It was a dragon I saw. As clearly as I see you before me now.
(Use the power of the Echo? Yes)
(In the Shroud. You see the knight running out from the cave you found him in front of, and a fireball follows him)
Newly Outfitted Knight: Gods be good….
(you walk in the cave, and find the Amberscale Rock. The knight is with you)
Newly Outfitted Knight: Wh-What happened? The dragon… There was a dragon-
???: More…time… Await me, master. We shall return to Ishgard…together.
(back in the present)
Newly Outfitted Knight: Was I…mistaken? For an instant, the rock seemed so real, and the shadows in the forest… perhaps my imagination got the better of me.
I beg of you, speak of this to no one! It will bring me naught but disgrace.
Conjurer Morys…the one who tended my wounds. I-I wronged him. I accused the conjurers of concealing a dragon in the forest. Please, tell him I am sorry.

Newly Outfitted Knight: Conjurer Morys…the one who tended my wounds. I-I wronged him. I accused the conjurers of concealing a dragon in the forest. Please, tell him I am sorry.
I last saw him on the outskirts of the forest, where the trees of the Black Shroud end. You may yet find him there.

Soileine: So, Brother Morys was not to be found at Owl's Nest, I see.
He must have made better time seeing the knight back than I thought. Best go and search for him near the wood's edge.

Mysteries of Morys

(at the border of the Shroud)
Morys: The fury was quelled. The knight. The fallen knight.
This mountain city. This Ishgard. What is it?
I must return. I must know.

(Stillglade Fane)
Soileine: You heard Brother Morys speak of returning? Odd, we have yet to see him.
Gods… Perhaps his memory is finally coming back.
I spoke to you before of the mysteries surrounding Brother Morys. But I was not entirely open. He was found some time ago, fallen in the forest. Not unlike the knight you yourself found.
He bore no sigil or crest, and claimed to have no memory of how he had come to be there. Try as we might, our attempts to coax him into recollection yielded nothing. And so he began his life again, in the forest, as one of us.
But it may very well be that we have picked up the scent at last. As you bore witness, Brother Morys felt the call of the fallen Ishgardian.
Perhaps it was the elementals within the knight's metals whose voices he heard. If so, there can be no doubt that he is in some way connected to Ishgard.
(Morys walks in)
Soileine: Ah, brother Morys, there you are. We have been expecting your return.
Morys: There is one place. Only one place. I must return.
Soileine: Well… <sigh> He is safe. For that much I am grateful. I daresay you must have been worried too.
When it comes to our dear Brother Morys, little can be said for sure, save that he has an unerring talent for making us all worry. Here, take this for your trouble.

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