Handful of Dreams

To induce even more powerful visions, tempered sylphs add the excretions of dreamtoads to their milkroot solutions. This blend, however, oft proves too toxic for the unknowing taker, and can lead to coma or even death. Little can be done to stop the production of milkroot, but the fewer toads to gather oil from, the harder it will be for the sylphs to brew the more potent varieties.


Name: Handful of Dreams
Type: Battle
Level: 49
Location: East Shroud / Hanging Barbs (24,11)
Spawn: 15 min duration

Reward: ? exp, ? gil, ? seals
Additional Reward: -




This FATE can be very hard for a solo person to clear. The toads are bunched up and facing every which way, which makes it hard to not catch aggro. In addition, they will always start the battle with a draw-in attack, meaning if you catch aggro from one, it is very likely that in the next moment you are in the middle of all the toads and will face imminent death. Approach with caution.

Category: Quests


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